Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sneaky Dog Tricks & Apple Juice Psychosis

Yesterday, I caught myself talking to my dog. Well, I talk to him a lot, but I was actually carrying on a conversation with him. For about 5 minutes.

This is how interested he was in what I was saying.

Jackson's sneaky. He likes to come into my office while I'm working and entice me to rub his belly. He's totally thinking "look how adorable I am. You know you can't resist the belly rub when I roll over on my back like this. In about 2 seconds, you will quit what you're working on, scratch my tummy, and speak to me in nonsensical baby talk. Muahahahahaha."

And he was so, so right. That's exactly what I did.

Yesterday I woke up with probably my strongest pregnancy craving to date. I say strongest, because it was strong enough to get me out of bed at 6:30am, and make me run down to the kitchen like a lunatic. I think I even hurdled Jackson at the bottom of the stairs. Okay, no I didn't, I'm 33 weeks pregnant, I'm not hurdling ANYTHING at this point. But it was a good visual, right?

Anyway, I woke up literally feeling like I would sell a kidney for some apple juice. Apple juice! What?! I don't think I've even had any since I was at Vacation Bible School in the 5th grade. Thankfully, a couple of weeks ago at the grocery store, I picked some up, thinking, oh apple juice sounds kind of good. Little did I know that I would turn into a raging psycho for it yesterday. I downed half the jug immediately (there was no time for an actual glass, people....quit judging me for drinking from the container!). I was going for the 2nd half, when what caught my eye, but the calorie content.....dang. I put it down, slowly, because I had just added about 500 calories in JUICE to my day (Which would be totally worth it for, say a cupcake, but juice just feels like a waste of good calories). Anyway, I decided that I probably didn't need to double that number, because at some point after Ally Grace is born (and before she graduates high school), I'd like to fit back into my old clothes.

It was sad though. I kept thinking about that apple juice all morning long. Hmmmm, maybe I'll go finish it off now.....then it can't tempt me anymore, right? Don't mess, I am a master of rationalization.

I also had a crazy dream last night....probably because of the apple juice induced psychosis. Not only did I dream that I had the baby, but I dreamt that I didn't feel any of it and couldn't even remember going through labor. Then, her first night, she slept through the night, and when I went to pick her up, she was the size of a cell phone. Riiiiiight. In reality, she's probably closer to one of those old-school car phones that came in a bag....but, whatever. She was healthy and beautiful, and I tried to stay in that dream as long as I could! Then, she woke me up with some baby hiccups......imagine having something hiccuping down at the bottom of your tummy....super weird.

We have a doctor's appt on Friday, and then again in a couple of weeks. The month of September, we'll go weekly, and then little Miss Sassy-pants will be here! I can't believe how close we are!

(Oh, by the way, we're having something really cool done in her nursery, but it's a secret (mainly b/c my description won't do it justice)......I think it'll be finished tomorrow, so I'll post some pictures of it then.)

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sara said...

i LOVED this post- you crack me up!! Maybe I should bring you some apple juice to dinner tonight? I totally can... & should.
Maybe I shouldn't post this & make it a surprise... haha oh well- thanks for making me laugh today!!