Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Shower Time!

Baby Shower update time! I know you've been waiting on the edge of your seats. I just got some pictures this morning, so now I can actually show you what an amazing shower my sweet friends threw for me and Miss Ally!

Steph, Eryn, and Marci are some of my best friends from college....Steph, I met during our freshman orientation at UGA (omg, 11 years ago! AHH!)--mainly because we were trying to flirt with the same cute boy! We've been best friends ever since, and have had some really fun times together. Eryn, I met during my senior year of college because I was dating her brother, Evan, at the time. We bonded super fast, and lived together that last year of college and first year in Atlanta.....she is an amazing roommate, and an even better friend! She hosted the shower at her incredibly beautiful house in Decatur, and she is what I like to call, "very Martha." (Stewart, that is.) And speaking of "very Martha," Marci is another friend whose "Martha-ness" inspires me! Not only did she show me a beautiful blanket that she's knitting (YES, KNITTING...I am so impressed) for Ally Grace, she also made the absolute coolest diaper wreath for Eryn's front door.

See?! It even has little baby goodies woven in there......it's now hanging on Ally Grace's nursery door, and I have vowed not to disturb the cuteness to use any of the treats included with the wreath....John says that idea will go out the window the minute I am in the middle of a blowout diaper change and need to grab a clean diaper. I said, you mean when YOU'RE in the middle of the blowout diaper change, b/c last time I checked, those are for daddies. (Just like killing roaches, spiders, and various other gross things).

Anyway, speaking of Martha-ness, Steph exhibited a very impressive Martha moment as well---here we are admiring her "Diaper Cake," also too pretty to touch! This picture doesn't look staged at ALL, right?

Here I am with Marci, plotting my strategy for the food table. (And the food was super fabulous, by the way!)

The best part of the shower was the people who came to celebrate, though. I honestly felt really loved, and it meant so much to spend time with friends and family who have been such special parts of my life......and who I know will be special to Ally Grace too. I have to say, she's going to be the most stylish little girl around, because those tiny outfits are TOO precious. I may just play dress up with her all day long! Here are some adorable little booties (booties=kind of a weird word, right?):

Are you just dying at the cuteness?! Thanks, Sara, we LOVE them!

Also, this outfit is too, too precious..... our little ballerina-in-training.

And I'm not going to lie, this BOB stroller is one of my favorite things! If I didn't totally exceed the weight limit, I'd make John jog me around the neighborhood in it. Jackson's going to be jealous of this one. Btw, you like my "mommy-to-be" sash, don't you? Every girl needs a sash sometimes. I may just start wearing it when I go to the grocery store, and the doctor's office...the possibilities are endless.

It was a great, great day.....girls, thank you so much for doing this for me! I can't wait to return the favor for each of you!

Let me leave you with a couple of other pictures from the weekend.....apparently, at our house, we like to wrestle:

In a couple of months, this could be you, Ally Grace.

Aw, and this could have actually been a cute picture, except Jackson seems to be eyeing a certain inappropriate area with a little too much interest. How adorable.

But he really can't wait to meet his little sister!

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