Monday, August 17, 2009

Boas, Tiaras, and Celebrity Babies....Oh Wait, That Was Actually My Baby Shower!

Oh, yes.....time for another baby shower post! On Saturday, my small group girls threw me an amazing baby shower with a Hollywood theme. Can I just say right now that I absolutely LOVED everything about it? I also loved being able to tell John that my subscription to People just paid for itself when I won a year's worth of baby wipes for matching a list of celebrity babies to their celebrity parents.....I know he must have been so proud.

(Okay, I'm back....I just had to take a very important break and eat 2 orange cinnamon rolls, you know, just to keep up my energy. Ready to go now!)

The shower was hosted by Kristin, Jenny, Haley, Brooke, Kimberly, & Kerie, and when I tell you that they thought of everything, I am so not exaggerating! These girls mean so much to me....they are not only accountability partners, but they also give me tons of encouragement and motivation in my relationship with Christ......not to mention, they're some of my best friends! I'm SO thankful to have each one of them in my life! AND, enough mushy stuff....on to the party!

Well actually, on to the pre-party, because Saturday morning, Kristin arranged for us to go have our makeup done at Nordstrom's MAC counter. It's kind of become a birthday tradition (did I mention today's my birthday?!), so we showed up at 11:30, and proceeded to get beautiful. Now, Kristin's makeup looked awesome, but for some reason, when I looked in the mirror at mine, I ended up looking like a cross-dresser. I think I'm just not used to so much makeup, because I immediately had to rub approximately 72% of it off of my face. I WAS, however, highly entertained by my makeup "artist," who told me that he (yes, HE) went to fashion school w/ Lauren Conrad, from the a celebrity stalker and reality tv addict, I went to work getting the scoop from him. I also shared with him my other guilty pleasure.....the Real Housewives of Atlanta. (Kinda can't believe I just put that out in blogland....hope you'll all still be my friends.) He told me he sees them out on the town sometimes, and pronounced them all a "hot mess." Not only one is that of my favorite phrases of all time, but also probably what I looked like before I toned down my makeup job.

Anyway, the shower was actually held at my house, and I got my "hot mess" self home just in time for it to begin. I was amazed at what these girls had pulled will do it more justice than my words, so enjoy!

The food was ridiculously good....all of my friends are Martha Stewart clones, which, sadly, has not rubbed off on me.

Here's me with the gorgeous high school girls said that my friends looked like "airbrushed models." They are so right! : )

Here's Jenny with her new boyfriend, Oscar. He's kinda quiet, and frankly, a little bit jaundiced. Jenny, I'd probably tell him to check on that if I were you. Don't worry, we won't tell Jon about your new "friend."

Cute, cute, cute! And yes, Ally Grace is already quite the production. Just wait til Little Miss Diva gets here!

I was kind of obsessed with these strawberries in tuxedos....Martha to the extreme. Loved it!

Another pregnant friend, Caroline, and I....don't be jealous of my sassy black boa. Always the perfect accessory.

Here we are playing the previously mentioned celebrity baby matching game....I am killing it! Which is probably slightly scary and stalker-ish, but oh well. And yes, that IS a tiara.

The shower was a blast, and once again, it was so special to have amazing family and friends celebrating our little girl....she is already SO loved, and we feel truly blessed.

The REST of the evening turned into a birthday cookout for me/dog party for Jackson. It was super fun, and I will definitely have some photos to add from that later......there may even be some's that for a teaser?

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