Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful (This May or May Not Be Mushy....You Were Warned)

For my husband, who loves me even when I spend all of 2009 in a state of hormonal crazy. Who gives me kisses and brings me flowers for no reason at all. Who told me he loved me and wanted to marry me after 6 weeks of knowing each other. You are without a doubt the best part of God's plan for me, and I literally have no words to describe my thankfulness.

For my little bug, who has completely rocked my entire the absolute best way possible. Who spent nine months making me uncomfortable, but was so, so worth it. Who smiles at us and takes our breath away. Who gets bigger every minute. I am completely in love.

For parents who took a chance on a little blond girl who loved Mickey Mouse and her "tenny shoes." Who showed me about loving Jesus. Who have given me a roadmap for parenthood. I hope I can give Ally Grace the kind of unconditional love that you have given me.

    For in-laws who raised John to love Jesus. Who taught him how to be a leader, a gentleman, and most importantly, a godly man. I am so thankful that you made me a part of your family 5 years ago.

For a brother-in-law who is the brother I never had, but always wanted. Who is a man of God that I admire. Who loves to come visit his niece, hold her, and even change her diapers! You are already a fabulous Uncle!

For amazing girlfriends (it would take too many pictures to show all of you!) who have supported & encouraged me throughout the years. Who brought fabulous dinners to us after AG was born for a month straight! Who have been by my side during the different stages of life. I love you girls like crazy!

Most of all, for Jesus. Who gave me the gift of salvation. Who loves me every moment, even when I am a heinous sinner (which is always). Who doesn't stop giving me chances. Who is there for me, even when I'm too busy for him. You are the entire reason for my life.

And just in case you thought this post was too serious, I'm also thankful for my puppy, Jackson--who really should've been given his own bullet point now that I think about it, people who actually read this blog, people who comment on this blog (you make my day!), tivo, The Office, pumpkin spice lattes, Starbucks in general, the chance to sleep in, Anthropologie, People magazine, candy corn, the Twilight series (yes, REALLY), a good run on a gorgeous fall day, sweatpants, and hair colorists.

On the other hand, I am NOT thankful for having to clean up dog vomit, which is what I just had to do when Jackson threw up his heartworm pill.

My life is so glamorous.


Bagwell's said...

Great post, mama Sherri! Gosh, I miss you and your positive outlook on everything! Changing diapers is glamorous.

Thankful for you!

Jessica said...

This made me all weepy! Loved reading it. So many beautiful blessings and you deserve them all :)