Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Been Fun, 30

Dear 30,

We had a great year, didn't we?  I have to admit, I wasn't sure about you at first.  From the new wrinkles, to the potentially slowing metabolism, and the extra puffiness under my eyes, I had some serious doubts.

(Not to mention, the getting called "ma'am" by teenagers.  Was that even really necessary?!)

But, you ended up completely winning me over.  After getting carded a few times, ("What's that?  You need to see my ID?  I'm so not at all upset about this!") I figured we were straight.

But I really ended up loving you, because you gave me moments like these with this guy:

What?  Of course we always dress this way. 
We do live in the South.

What? Of course we always dress this way. 
We do live near a Krispy Kreme.

(And if you don't, I am sad for you.)

Yep.  We're nerds.  And by "we," clearly I mean, "me."

And then, dear 30, I loved you even more for giving me moments like these with this girl:

We obviously have a love of strange hats in our family...

...and first birthday parties (not to mention, Georgia football)

...and moments of sheer happiness, like this one, which need no explanation.
I'll take a thousand more, please.

All-in-all, thank you for an amazing year, 30. 
I think you were my best one yet.


Your friend Sherri, who is turning 31 today, and might just have to slap anyone who calls her ma'am in the next 24 hours. 

Or ever again.

You have been warned.

P.S.  31, just so you know, mama's not down with any more wrinkles, cellulite, or eye bags.
You know you wanna stay on my good side. 

I'm watching you.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Month.....

....has been really bad, y'all.  And I'm not gonna lie, I've had a really awful attitude about it.  Without going into too much boring detail, I hurt my back pretty badly.  And the really funny part is that I'm not even sure how I did it.

(Although constantly carrying around a 26 pound toddler probably didn't help.)

So, in light of my current situation, here's a short list for you.

Reasons it Stinks to Lay Flat on Your Back All Day:

1.  When your little presh comes running up to you, wanting to be held, you can't do it.  Or you can try, and look like an 80-year old hunchback in the process. 

She is totally worth every moment of hunched-over-ness. 
Also, please note that the baby mullet finally grew into some sweet pigtails!

2.  You will inevitably cry during tivoed episodes of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. And the Bachelorette.  And maybe, possibly, ONLY HYPOTHETICALLY, Bachelor Pad 2.

(Why, yes.  They were tears of embarrassment.  For everyone on that show.)

3.  I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes to workout.  And I'm fairly positive that it replaces my probable need for a therapist when it comes to stress relief.  So guess what you can't do when your back is hurt? 

Anything involving a workout. 

(Which means Crazy Sherri may have just made an appearance.  John, get excited.)

Disclaimer:  I know that I'm being overly dramatic.  (If you've read this for any amount of time, you probably shouldn't be too surprised.)  And I KNOW that there are SO many worse things that people are going through.  So, I'm going to take my cortisone shot, my prescription for physical therapy, and I'm going to SUCK. IT. UP. 

While watching episodes of Bachelor Pad, of course.