Thursday, September 29, 2011

The "Edit" Experience...and a Giveaway!

Do you have one of those friends who always, always, always looks super cute and put together?  You know, the kind of girl that basically every time you see her, you're all, "I want to look just like that!" 

(Which hopefully you yelled in your head, and not out loud while drooling over her boots.)

I have a friend like this, and her name is Lauren.  And fortunately for me, she actually has her own wardrobe consulting and personal shopping business, Edit by Lauren.  (Not to mention, a super fabulous style blog that's on my daily must-read list.)

(Did I mention that she also had twins 9 months ago, and still hasn't succumbed to any kind of "mom uniform?")

(Unless that mom uniform is an adorable dress, cute jewelry, and fun wedges.)

(In which case, sign me up.)

Last week, I had Lauren come "Edit" my closet.  And let me start off by saying, I consider myself a fairly good purger of junk.  (I am also quite good at collecting it, but that's another story.)  So, honestly, I didn't know how much "editing" we would really be able to do.

Well, we did A LOT.  And y'all?  It. Was. Amazing. So amazing, that I knew I had to blog about it.

So, in no specific order, here are the Top Five Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with Edit (As SOON as You Possibly Can.)

1.  Lauren will help you figure out your style goals.  Mine included things like: "I want to quit wearing gym clothes all day, every day."  Or, "Help me figure out how to wear rolled up boyfriend jeans without looking like a total weirdo."

2.  Hanging out with Lauren is like hanging out with a really fun girlfriend. You know, one who has exceptional style, and isn't afraid to say things like, "I'm sure this short-sleeved jacket with the fur collar was awesome when you got it......but, maybe not so much now." 

(Definitely not so much now. Or probably ever.)

3.  She will help you decide what to give away, consign, or have tailored.  It's just like that Tim Gunn show that I used to love, except I like Lauren even better than Tim Gunn.  Which is saying a lot, because Tim Gunn is pretty darn likable.

4.  Lauren helped me pull some new outfits together using the clothes that I had. Did you hear that, ladies? In about 2 seconds flat, I had at least 5 new outfits, using items I already owned.  (Which is when John became a huge fan of the editing experience.)  Long vest that you're not really sure how to wear?  No problem.  You'll have 3 new ways to wear it within seconds.  Literally.

5.  Lauren helped me identify the "holes" in my wardrobe.  For example, having about 437 different kinds of boots, but no solid cardigans apparently isn't the best style strategy.

(Okay, fine.  I lied. I have a few more reasons to add to the list.  But isn't a top EIGHT list even better than a top 5?  Obviously.) 

6.  Edit offers all kinds of fun services--wardrobe consultation, personal shopping, makeup consultation, and even an "edit" your packing experience.  I may or may not need to try them all....especially the packing one, since I am generally known for having the heaviest suitcase in any given traveling situation.

7.  After your wardrobe consultation, you'll receive a Style File, which basically includes your new outfit options, wardrobe needs (along with specific suggestions and links), and some really fun styling tips.  It's like reading an issue of In Style, that's been tailored specifically for you. 

Um, yes, please.

8.  And here's the biggest reason of all:  Lauren is offering one of you a $100 gift certificate to use toward ANY of Edit's services!  Woo hoo!  All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment telling me about your favorite item of clothing.  Cute, comfy, whatever--what do you love most in your closet? 

Even if it IS a short-sleeved, fur-lined jacket.  I won't tell.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dumpster Diving and Pinterest

I think Pinterest has become a problem in my life. 

Apparently, it's turned me into a weirdo/creeper who dumpster dives for used shipping pallets, so I can get crafty and make those awesome pallet shelves that everyone keeps pinning.

(Except I won't make them.  I'll totally make John do it, because I have a slight measuring aversion, and am not sure my preferred method of "eyeballing it" will work).

(Plus, I also may not know how to work a saw.  That's what boys are for, right?)

Anyway, so I'm driving home from physical therapy, minding my own business, when I notice that a new store moving into our neighborhood has some sweet shipping pallets propped up against the dumpster.

(My teenage self just rolled her eyes at my mom-tastic usage of the word sweet). 

(Also, I techncally didn't have to dumpster dive.  I'm still a dumpster creeper though.)

I pulled up, and pondered just grabbing them and stuffing them in the car.  Ultimately, I decided it looks (a little) less shady if I actually ask for them first.

I go inside, nicely introduce myself to the store owner as a neighbor, and then kindly ask if I can have the pallets out back.

He's all, "You mean the ones in the dumpster?!"  And I'm like, "well, yes, but technically they're not IN the dumpster, they're just kind of leaning....I'm sure they're clean.....ish."

And he's all "o-KAY, whatever floats your boat, weirdo."

Okay, maybe I made up the weirdo part.  But he totally said it with his eyes.

Friday, September 2, 2011

AG's First Haircut

Looking back, I realized that I forgot to blog about a super momentous occasion in AG's life. 

What's that, you ask?  Oh, just her first haircut.  Where she got LAYERS.  And some hair product to "bring out her curls."  She may as well have gotten highlights, and a makeover.  Since she's practically a teenager and all.

Personally, I suffer from "haircut anxiety."  If you ever had a bad, mushroom head-ish haircut in your youth, you totally get what I'm talking about.  You know.  The kind that may or may not have made you call your parents crying, causing them to drive down to Athens, take you to dinner, and reassure you that "it really doesn't look that bad," and "of course you look just like Rachel from Friends." 

And then, "Wait, we thought you didn't watch that kind of smut?" 


So, anyway, we arrived at Pigtails and Crewcuts, at about 11am on a Saturday morning.

Mistake number one. 

It was like a playgroup on steroids, with kids you don't know, and toys that have been touched by half the free world.  I fought the urge to grab some Purell and just squirt it willy-nilly all over the room.

(Okay, no I didn't.  I'm not a germ-freak.  At all.  Which totally could be why we've been to the doctor about 97 times in the past year.)

Anyway......We finally get called, and Ally Grace gets to take her turn in the chair. 

Which was shaped like an airplane.  And was right next to the police car. 

(Which sadly doesn't fit an adult, in case you were wondering.)

The stylist was fabulous, and I have literally never seen someone move so fast.  Cutting toddler hair should probably be an olympic sport, honestly.  And AG was just entranced by some cartoon they had on, barely even noticing that her sweet baby mullet was getting chopped. 

That's some serious "party in the back," my friends.

Oh, baby mullet  We will miss you. 


A little curious George is all it takes.

The finished product.  Mullet-free and proud of it.

They gave us an actual "first haircut" certificate, along with a tiny bag of baby hair.  Which is probably a super sweet and memorable keepsake, that most moms keep forever.  I scanned it so you could see:

(I'm not gonna lie, the bag of hair kinda makes me want to barf.)

(In a sweet, memorable way, of course.)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lately I've Been.....

.....trying to keep up with my almost 2-year old, who, sadly runs faster than me at the moment.

.....hearing the word "mine."  A lot. 

(John's obviously gotten really possessive with his toys.)

(And seriously, all you experienced parents out are you not supposed to laugh when your toddler yells "dat's MINE puzzle!")

(It's pretty effective actually.  I've started yelling, "that's MINE brownie!!" when John tries to grab it from me. Works like a charm.)

......having dance parties in our living room every day.  Which, I'm not gonna lie, is totally fun.  And conveniently, a genius way to wear out the little one. 

(Coincidentally, it's yet another way we've convinced our next-door neighbors that we're crazy.)

......contemplating bangs.  Again.  Seriously, why do I do this?  Every fall, I start thinking, hmmmm.....maybe I need some bangs.  And then I obsess over it for a few days, and then I chicken out.  Do any of you have bangs?  Do you love them, or do they make you crazy? 

.......reading my love my kindle.  If you're looking for a good book to read, go read One Day (the movie's coming out with Anne Hathaway.  SO. GOOD.) 

.......staring jealously at the runners on the treadmills at the gym. 

Which may have caused a couple of them to think I'm a total creeper.

Yelling, "THAT'S MINE TREADMILL!" probably didn't help.