Saturday, December 18, 2010


We took AG to see Santa yesterday.  I was pretty scared of what I just knew would be long lines, and a freaking out baby. 

(Which secretly I kind of hoped for, b/c the pictures of kids screaming on Santa's lap?  Priceless.  They make me laugh so hard that I'd seriously better not be eating or drinking anything when I see them.  As learned from experience.)

(Also, maybe I shouldn't admit to the blogging world that I hoped AG would cry.  But oversharing is what we do here, right?  And by "we," clearly I mean "I.")

I am a grinch and hate the mall at Christmas, so when we arrived, it did not amuse me to learn that Santa had taken a lunch break.


Fortunately,  we only waited in line about 20 minutes before our big moment. 

I think she liked him, don't you?

Hey!  I like your beard.
(Isn't that a line in a Ke$ha song?)

She may have a thing for older men, b/c she LOVED him.
And I'm totally joking, because she isn't allowed to have "a thing" for any man until she's 37.
Just so we're clear.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Here's what happens when I either A) have too much coffee, or B) am procrastinating.  Or (let's be honest here), C) a combination of both. 

Are you as afraid as I am?  I got all 3rd-grade crafty up on this gift bag.
Who am I?

(No.  Really.  Who am I?)

As I noted on the bag, no less, clearly I may have too much time on my hands. 

And too much coffee in my system. 

And probably (hopefully) more important things to be doing than making hot pink Christmas-y gift bags!

*Disclaimer:  If you would like a tutorial on how to make a fancy, custom Christmas gift-bag, I am happy to provide one.  On the other hand, if you have even a grade-school education, I am sure you can figure it out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Had a conversation with John this morning that went something like this:

Me:  So, what do you think are the chances of Sarah Palin being our next president?
(You know, because I am SO politically-minded that I often speculate about upcoming elections over breakfast.)

(Or not.)


John:  I'd say her chances are about zero.  I mean, come on, she has a reality show.
(With clear and obvious disdain for reality shows.  Which I take issue with, because there are some really good ones out there.  Like, Real Housewives of Atlanta, 16 & Pregnant, and okay, I'll stop now.)

Me:  So?  I'd be all about having a reality show, you know, if they wanted to show me running around in my sweatpants, taking care of a baby, trying to work, and falling asleep on the couch at 9:30.

(Because who wouldn't tune in for that?) 

John:  Oh, I'm sure you'd find a way to make it funny-looking.

Well, THANK YOU, HONEY.  Clearly my talent in life is making things "funny-looking." 
You and AG are so lucky to have me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Walking, Girls Weekend, and A Question

A lot has happened in the past week.  A LOT. 

For starters, my girl started walking!  And I just got really tired thinking about what that means for my future.  Her preferred method of transportation continues to be crawling, since it's way faster.  Not to mention, it's a lot less scary for mommy.  Because now that she's walking, she's gotten about 35 bruises in the last 2 days.

Also, I am never known to exaggerate.

In other news, I contracted what is probably my 45th cold this year.  (See above, re: "never exaggerating.") But I mean, really?  What is the deal?  I know I'm a mother to a 1 year-old petri dish of germs, but STILL

Dear Germs,

GO AWAY.  I am tired of snotting all over the place, although it is undoubtedly attractive to my husband. My nose is raw, and that stupid Kleenex with aloe?  It DOESN'T WORK. 

Did I mention that I don't have time for you?  It's Christmas, and I have a toddler. 

Go enjoy the holidays in someone else's nose.

Your latest victim, who is tired of hacking like an 80-year old smoker.

On a much more fun note, I went on a girls weekend last weekend with Steph and Eryn, two of my very best friends from college. We loaded up the car with the essentials--you know, magazines, snacks, and pants with elastic waistbands--and prepared to get our fun on. 

(Why can't I stop that? WHY?!?)

Got dorky playing with my iPhone ShakeIt app.  But what isn't awesome about shaking it like a polaroid picture?  Oh yeah.  I did.

Wasn't aware that my eyes were yellow.  Apparently, my iPhone thinks I'm a Cullen. 

Upon arriving in Blue Ridge, we thought "hey!  We may or may not need a few more snacks.  Let us stop at the grocery store."

A lady approached us while we were checking out, and goes: "You girls aren't from around here are you?"

Why, what gave it away?  The rarely worn puffy jackets?  The armloads of candy and tabloid magazines? The fact that I had on peep-toed shoes and it was 32 degrees outside?  Hmmmmmmm......

After admitting that we weren't, in fact, "from around here," and were instead from "the city,"  she goes:  "Ummm hmmmm.  Thought so.  Now, don't you girls go drinking and driving, okay? Wouldn't want y'all to drive off the mountain."

Well, yes.  That makes 4 of us.  Not really part of our weekend plans.  But thanks for the vote of confidence, lady.

This was our view....up on the mountain, which, thankfully, we managed not to "drive off." 

It was a fabulous, relaxing, hilarious weekend, full of shopping, reading up on Taylor and Jake (and what I believe to be a totally fake, publicist-driven relationship, but that's another post entirely), and eating things I could never get away with at home.  I loved every minute!

And then, clearly, I loved coming home to this:

Although, apparently my iPhone also thinks John visited a Mystic Tan booth while I was gone.
For the record, he is NOT orange.

Finally, blog friends, if you made it to the end of this rash, rambling post, I have a question for you.  What are you getting the men in your lives for Christmas?   I'm talking husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, and fathers-in-law. 

I'm really good at girl presents.  I mean really good.  Here's my strategy:  find something I love, talk myself out of buying it for myself, take it home and wrap it.  Talk myself out of keeping it for myself, and give it to the woman I bought it for.  Hope that she will eventually want to let me borrow it.  See, easy?

Somehow, I don't think any of the men in my life would enjoy an Anthropologie top, or a gift card to Lululemon.  Help!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some Thoughts for Your Thursday (It IS Thursday, Right?)

1.  Leggings are amazing.  As are fake uggs, or "fuggs" as I like to call them.

(Now, John would probably beg to differ with me on both of those comments.  However.  I maintain that leggings are much more socially acceptable than sweatpants, yet still allow me the comfort of an elastic waistband. Highly important.)

2.  I am in love with Starbucks's Peppermint Mocha.  IN LOVE. And don't even get me started on my feelings for the cranberry bliss bars.  I literally feared for the cashier's life when he told me that they were out today. 

Don't get between me and my cranberry bliss bars. 

3.  Here is further proof of my OCDness.  As if we needed any more after the stainless steel wipes insanity.

Yes.  That is our Christmas tree.
Which was put up in November.

Ask me when it made it's Christmas debut last year?
Oh, about Christmas Eve.  
I have no idea what has happened to me.

Although I do know that my arm is apparently about 37 feet long. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grocery Store

Yesterday, I did something brave.  I went to the grocery store.

With a full shopping list.

WITH Ally Grace.

Right before naptime.

(You're feeling a little nervous for me, aren't you?)

We were doing alright, actually.  I was speeding through the store like I was on that random show where people run around the grocery store, throwing stuff in their cart, trying to finish in the least amount of time.  What was that show called?

Also, am I eighty years-old?

After about 20 minutes, I can sense that AG is reaching a certain pre-fussiness stage.  You moms know what I'm talking about.  I reach into the cart and hand her a random box to play with.  To avoid the inevitable meltdown phase.

And guess what?  It works!!  She's clutching that box in a death grip, like it's her new favorite toy.

I notice a few people looking at us as they pass by.  And I'm all, oh AG really does look so cute in her little outfit.  They're totally noticing how cute she is.  Wait, that lady just gave me a pretty weird look.  I mean, I'm not looking great, but at least I'm not in sweatpants.  (Yoga pants are clearly different than sweatpants, right?.)

At which point I look down to realize that AG is now chewing on a box of tampons.

At least it wasn't condoms.

Monday, November 22, 2010

13.5 Months

Dear Ally Grace,

You’re 13.5 months old! I know, I know, most moms do this at major milestones, like 12 or 18 months. Some moms even do this every single month….all I can say is, you clearly don’t have most moms.

(Unless “most moms” include those who watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, eat too much candy, and are a little OCD about stainless steel wipes.)

(I’m sure there are others like me out there.)


You DO have a mom who loves you like crazy. And may or may not embarrass you in the future.

(Secretly, I sort of look forward to that.)

Anyway, you are SO big these days! (Literally, SO big. My arm is starting to go numb when I carry you around…if you could just start walking, that would be great.)

(On the other hand, if you could just stop the growing up, that would be great too.)


It seems like you just woke up the other day saying about 37 new words. Some of your favorites:

Mama (clearly)
JaJa (Jackson)
Grrrr (okay, I know it’s not an actual word, but it’s so darn cute to watch her point to a bear and go “grrr,” that I had to include it. Another favorite is “baaaa.”)

And I can’t think of any other words, even though I know there are more. Which is what happens when you forget to blog for 2 weeks.

Your LOVE reading books…..hallelujah! You will crawl into my lap with a book, and make me read it to you. Over and over.

And over.

Your favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Or as you call it: “Grrrrrr, Grrrrrr.” Sometimes I have to hide it just so you’ll do something else for a few minutes.

(Or because mommy has it memorized, and by the 37th time she reads it, wants to literally poke her eyes out.)

You also really love to dance. You come by that honestly, since your dad and I will clearly one day be the embarrassing old people on the dance floor, trying to “get down with the young folk.”

(This will definitely happen at your wedding.)

(A little something to look forward to.)

You’re eating all regular people food, drinking whole milk, and almost, almost walking! You love your push Disney Princess car, and will push it until you run into something. At which point you look up at me and say, “uh oh.” Totally and completely adorable.

You are so fun these days! And just when I think it can’t get better, it does. Like today, when I found a little mini-dreadlock matted into the back of your hair.

I mean, it doesn’t really get more fun than that.

(You may be sporting some baby dreads this Thanksgiving.)

I love you, you little 13.5 month old presh!

Your adoring mother, who sometimes acts crazy, and may occasionally come up with some weird meal combinations, but at the end of the day, will do absolutely anything for you.

Including cutting off your baby dreadlock.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Octoberween-ish, with Some Beach and Other Stuff

Last week, out of nowhere, AG literally started doing baby sign-language.  And I was all, OH MY GOSH, LOOK AT MY BABY GIRL!!!  MY MOTHERING SKILLS MUST BE SO AMAZING!! 


I mean, I had only worked on sign language a handful of times before I got lazy  inconsistent distracted (by something important, I'm sure).  AG must literally be a baby genius to have picked it up so quickly.

While picking AG up from preschool on Tuesday, I casually mentioned her new skillz to her teacher.  Who then promptly told me that they had been working baby sign language for the last few months, and HOW EXCITING that Ally Grace was finally picking it up!


But none of that really has to do with the last month, which I am about to boldly recap in list form.  I might even do something rash and throw letters in with the numbers.

I'm crazy like that.

After AG's bday party, we went on a beach trip with the Bagwells.  It was awesome!  And hopefully they still want to hang out with us, even though I managed to be a grandma and fall asleep at 9:30 every night. 

Look how crazy brave we were, with all 3 kids! 

I love how AG's all "haaaaayyyyy, girl, what's up?"

The boys got to have swinging contests.......

And the girls got to play on the seesaw......

....right before THIS happened.  (No baby was harmed in the making of this picture.  Although a certain mommy may or may not have run over screaming, WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?  After picking herself up off the ground of course, b/c what you didn't see was Sherri on her rear end on the other side).  

The trip was awesome, and we loved every minute....thanks for having us, Betsy and Brad!

By the way, the day we left the beach was our SIXTH anniversary!  Sitting in the car with a baby who is not shy about letting us know she's unhappy in her car seat is JUST the way we imagined spending it.

Or not.

But we DID get to go out on a date that night at Craftbar.  (Much better anniversarying, in my opinion.)

Bahahaha, do you not love the painting behind us?!  My favorite part is how the cow seems to be sniffing my hair.  That's some artful picture-taking, my friend.

After that, we ended up at the movie Life As We Know It.  Which, in spite of John's constant boo-hooing, was great.

(Wait, what?  That wasn't John? 
I really can't remember exactly what happened.)

Finally, at the end of October, my brother-in-law, got married!  It was a beautiful wedding, the bride and groom looked amazing, and the band did a really awesome rendition of "Low." Unfortunately, I have NO pictures from the night, except this one that Jenny took:

I promise we're not being creepers, Kerie was actually just days away from delivering Mary Sloan, and we were trying to coax her to come out and join the fun.

And how could I FORGET Halloween?

We dressed AG up as an adorable little monkey, and then used her cuteness to scam our neighbors out of Halloween candy. 


And let's just be honest, here's what I mainly did last month:

This little, almost-walking, presh takes up all my time these days, but is so incredibly worth it. 

Whew, what else?!  It was such a busy month.  I apparently got overwhelmed with everything I wanted to blog about, and decided to cope by watching tivoed episodes of Private Practice and Vampire Diaries. 

(Which is obviously efficient, and probably the very key to handling stress.)

I promise to do better this month, blog-readers.  I'll make sure to keep you updated on the fun and exciting happenings of my life.  Like the other day, when this girl was like, oh I could never pull off your outfit, but it's so cute on you,  which I am pretty sure really means, your outfit is butt ugly and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it. 

Yeah.  Exciting things like that.
(And I just realized that this list thing never happened.  My apologies to all you list-lovers out there.)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Did You Know.....

.....that our newly opened local Costco sells Rock and Republic jeans for EIGHTY-EIGHT dollars!?!?!?!
I might have had a hot flash while looking at them.  And I'm not sure why that would even make sense, but I said it, and I'm leaving it. 

When I told John that $88 for R&R's was about the same as giving them away on the corner for free, he didn't buy it.  Nor did he fail to notice when I casually tried to sneak them into the cart.

WHY are men so perceptive when it's inconvenient?

I have a LONG blog post coming soon.  Involving all of October.  I know this makes you want to either
A) wait excitedly for me to quit being so lazy and upload some pictures
B) run for the hills, because we all know I can get my word on.

Yes, I embarrass myself.

Happy Friday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Birthday, Martha-Style

First of all, I would like to let you all know that AG is experiencing her first stomach bug. Which means I am experiencing my first showdown with baby vomit. And it's kicking my butt.

Obviously, I deserve a little treat, so I'm sitting here blogging and watching Vampire Diaries.

And obviously, I am very mature.

Anyway, even though AG's first birthday is way over (I mean, she's practically almost 2 by now), I wanted to make sure I posted some pictures of her first birthday party.

(At least it's still her birthday month, am I right, people?)

Disclaimer: What you will see in the following photos is in no way a true representation of my Martha-skillz. It is, instead, a representation of fantastic family and friends who made food, helped me decorate, shared cake-lady numbers with me, and just generally made the party awesome.

It is also a representation of several stressful hours in Hobby Lobby, also known as my idea of a nightmare.

AG can never doubt my love for her after this.

If you think you've seen this before, you have. I saw it on Kelly's Korner  for Harper's birthday, and just had to re-create it. Unfortunately, that meant sounding like a major creeper when explaining to John that this idea came from a girl whose blog I stalk.

I went temporarily insane and decided that these tissue paper balls were a good idea.

Unfortunately, I'm not good (or terrible) at making them.

Thankfully, Sara took over so I could quit accidentally ripping this poor, defenseless tissue paper into a gazillion pieces.

Here's our sassy little star of the day!

If I could get away with pretending I made this myself, don't think I wouldn't do it.
But those of you who know me would know that to be impossible, so I guess I'll be honest.

All of AG's grandparents got in on the birthday action.


Quite a few of AG's "not actually related, but will spoil her rotten" aunts were able to be there.

Btw, do not ask what I'm wearing. I realized after planning a Georgia themed birthday party, that I apparently no longer wear red and black.

(I bleed it though).

(I'm officially out for that).

Anyway, when John saw my outfit, he was like, um, isn't this supposed to be a tailgate party? Wear something you would actually wear to a game.

And then, I was like, sweetie, I would totally have worn this to a game. Did they even have football at Furman?

(Aw, snap.)

We finally gave AG her cake....and we took this really great video of the moment. Unfortunately, I have now unsuccessfully tried to upload it about 37 times, and am so irritated that I’m giving it up.  Because I really don't want to be forced to throw my computer out the window.

(Although then maybe I could get a mac.....hmmmmmmm.)

I'll pray for some patience and try again tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2010


So, I have about 37 different things I want to write about, but apparently can't manage to get my blog on more than once a week. 
Although, clearly I can manage to use embarrassing phrases like "get my blog on."

In the next few days, I will get my blog on (see, I can't stop) about AG's first birthday, a fun trip to the beach with the Bagwells, and our SIXTH anniversary!  You may even get to hear about AG's 1 year pediatrician appointment.

Try not to die of excitement in the meantime.

For now, though, my friend Melanie at "Mel’s Coffee Break," has tagged me in a blog post. I've never been tagged before, so I hope I get this right.  Basically, she asked me the following 7 questions, and then in turn, I get to ask 7 other bloggers, 7 new questions.  I'm looking at you, blog friends.  I'm about to get my tag on.

Stop, Sherri.  Just stop.

1. What is your life slogan / verse / motto?
Zephaniah 3:17—The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you with singing.

(Btw, that was a paraphrase.  I hope I didn't just misquote the Bible.)

2. What one piece of advice would you give to your "younger" self if you could?
Just say no to perms, bangs, and acid-washed jeans. Oh, and those boys you liked? They really aren’t all that great compared to who you end up with.

3. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Probably just sharing my randomness with the few people who care to read. And keeping up with things that are going on in life. Since my journaling attempts tend to last, oh maybe a day at best.

4. Do you have any dreams that have been on the back-burner that you still would like to achieve?
I’m kind of embarrassed to answer this question. But I’ve always wanted to write a book.  Despite no knowledge of how to do so, and the fact that my only qualification is that I like to READ books.

Also, I’ve always wanted to be one of Justin Timberlake’s backup dancers.

I think both of these dreams fall somewhere between highly unlikely and completely impossible.

5. What is something new you would like to learn?
I’d really love to learn how to sew. And if you knew me in college, or really just at any point in my life, you probably just fell off your chair laughing. But, I do like to create things, and although I am not very Martha-inclined, maybe I could save myself some $$ when I need curtains.

6. What is something about you that we would be surprised to learn?
I was the spelling bee champion of my elementary school. I won with the word “gubernatorial.”

7. If you found $100 bill, (lucky you!) what would you buy?
I should probably say something selfless, like diapers or baby clothes. But in reality, I would head straight to the nearest Anthropologie.
Hey, just being honest here.

Okay, so now I make up seven new questions, and tag seven new bloggers.  So I can get my tag on, and you can get your blog on. 

(I promise not to ever say that again.  Maybe.)

I'm tagging:

Caroline at O-Baby
Betsy at Three B's in a Pod
Candace at The Smith Faily
Kelly at The Denbow Family
Jenny at The Ostensons
Kimberly at The Nelsons
Sara at One More Thing

And girls, your questions to answer are:

1.  What's your most embarrassing moment?

2.  How did you meet your husband/fiance?

3.  What is one thing you would change about yourself, if you had the chance?

4.  What is your biggest pet peeve?

5.  What's your favorite word?  (Mine's "satchel," in case you were wondering.)

6.  What is your favorite place in the world?  Be specific.

7.  If you could re-name yourself, what name would you pick? 

Did I do this right, Melanie?  Thanks for tagging me, girl.  It was fun!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, AG!

Dear Ally Grace,

At 5:03 on October 8th, 2009, you changed my life forever. 

(Well, really it was nine months before, when you started making me want to barf all day, every day. But let's not split hairs, shall we?)

(Excuse me, what do you have to be upset about? 
Clearly, I'm the one who should've been crying.)

I tried to find this sassy nightgown to wear to your birthday party.
You know, for old times sake. 

I can't believe we made it through our first year! I was literally terrified (what's that?  You didn't notice?  So sweet.) of all things motherhood--from holding you, to changing your diaper, to feeding you. 

Let's face it.  God is good.

One day you'll read this blog, and you'll probably think several things.  Like, "my mom is really random and prone to oversharing." Or, "she sure does talk about cupcakes a lot." Or even "jeez, she watches some truly bad tv."

But what I really want you to think is "wow, she's insanely crazy about me."

(In the good way, of course).

And in case I'm not around to say it (annnd, why am I talking about this?! I blame Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhmel, and their dumb movie coming out that makes me cry every single time I see the preview), I want you to know that you and your dad have made my life amazing. In more ways than one.

Happy birthday little presh!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh, Mexico

First of all, I have to say a HUGE thank you to my friend, neighbor, and apparent blog-reader, Lindsey!  She left an adorable UGA cheerleading uniform on my front steps while we were on vacation, and it was SUCH a fun surprise to come home to!  Thanks to you, Lindsey, I no longer have to craft a uniform out of garbage bags and tissue paper.

Is this not adorable? And if you think there won't be a gazillion pictures of AG in this uniform, then you would be wrong.

It's hard to write about our trip to Mexico without wanting to drop everything and move there immediately.  Because it's an amazing place.  Well, except for the drug cartels. 

Fortunately, we didn't see any of those. (Although I did ask John maybe 100 times if we were going to get kidnapped or something.  While checking the State Dept website.  And reading the Mexico travel warning about 27 times.  I'm sure this was adorable, and not at all annoying.)

Thanks to a job with some sweet perks, John and I got to go to Playa del Carmen for 6 days, ALL EXPENSES PAID.  Excuse me, WHAT?!   Yes, you read that correctly.  Some company actually makes it's employees go to a gorgeous, 5-star, all-inclusive resort for WORK.  There is actually a guy (sadly, not John) whose job it is to scout locations for company retreats.  Which means, he gets to travel to these ridiculous, exotic locales, let's say it together, shall we? For WORK

Not that I'm jealous or anything. 

We left for Mexico on Wednesday morning, and arrived at the Grand Velas Riveria Maya early that afternoon.  When I tell you that it's probably the closest thing to heaven on earth that I've experienced, I am not exaggerating.  Here are a few things that made it great:

  • Did I mention all-inclusive?  Did you know that means that you can eat EVERYTHING in the mini-bar, every. single. day? 
I mean, I'm only assuming, because it's not like I would actually do that.  (Okay, I would totally do that.  And did.  Every day.  And if you think I didn't stuff the entire mini-bar into my purse on the day we left, then you clearly have never read this blog). 
  • We had a personal butler named, Orion.  I'm not even sure what buttling entails, or why we would need a butler.  But he was awesome.  One night, we asked him about this particular restaurant on the property that's supposed to be the "signature" restaurant.  He told us that the food was, and I quote:  "weird, but delicious."  Like, I said.  Awesome.
(Here we are at the "weird but delicious" restaurant.  And he was totally right.  I almost never knew what I was putting in my mouth, but it was delicious.)
  • Also, did you know that all-inclusive means you can order room service once an hour, if you so desire?  Few things are as fun for me as eating in bed while watching tv.  Just ask John, who on our second date, saw a half-eaten donut sitting on my nightstand.  And almost threw up in his mouth.  Because, apparently guys think there's something unattractive about eating donuts in bed.  Go figure.

  • Pina coladas by the pool.  Apparently I like to enjoy treats while lounging. 

(Apparently I also like to take unfortunate pictures of myself and post them on my blog)

  • Dolphin Discovery!  Although, it really should've been called "Discover Sherri Flashing" or something like that, because during the part where we ride the dolphins?  Well, let's just say that my bikini bottoms didn't stand up to the task.  And a big, sarcastic, thank you to the dolphin who dropped me off right in FRONT of the crowd we came with.  Awesome.  Thanks, Flipper.  (No pictures of that.  This isn't that kind of blog, people.)
  • A security escort to go running around the property.  Well, this wasn't one of the best was actually kind of awkward, but it DID make me feel like the president or something.
  • These fabulous boots that we (okay, John) bargained down from $575 (dollars NOT pesos) to $75!! 

John had to have a little pep talk with me before we went shopping, because this is usually what happens when we're in a negotiating situation like this: 

John:  Sir, how much are these boots?
Sherri:  I LOVE THESE!!!!
Store Owner:  $575
John:  Hahahaha, no really.  How much?  We'll give you $50.
Store Owner:  $250
Sherri:  Please don't walk away, please don't walk away.  Oops, did I say that outloud?

Fortunately, I kept my mouth shut, and John got us a great deal.  Well, got me a great deal.  'Cause if I catch him wearing my lady boots, we'll have a real problem.

(Also, I think I may have a serious boot addiction.)

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I won't because, I am a thousand percent positive that this is really only interesting to me. But I will say, GO THERE IMMEDIATELY, if you are looking for a vacation spot. 

And take me with you.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Need Some Help, Girls.....

I am totally at a loss for what I should be feeding AG. She turns one NEXT FRIDAY, and you'd think I just might have this down by now.

Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

By the way, I have a way more interesting (No.) post about our vacation to Mexico last week.  What's that?  You wondered why I hadn't been posting?  Or you knew that because of my complete and total paranoia safety-mindedness that I must not be posting because we were traveling.

Which, when I think about it, isn't really a super stellar way of throwing off burglars, is it?

At any rate, on to my questions. 

Disclaimer: Feel free to answer, speculate, and generally throw in your two-cents whether you have children of your own, or whether you just googled answers to these questions five minutes ago.  I'm not picky.

1. When did you start giving your baby whole milk? 

2. When did you drop the pre-bedtime feeding? And do you promise that AG will keep sleeping through the night?  Because if not, I'll be giving her a bedtime bottle every night til she goes to college.


3.  What did your day look like when your baby turned one? (Feedings, naptimes, outings?  Collapsing onto the couch while praying that your baby would take a decent nap?)

4.  Any tips on great solid foods for little ones? AG eats some big people food, but mostly still stage 3 baby food. It's easier, and I'm apparently a little lazy. She has a bunch of teeth, and I'm sure she could be eating more foods, if I wasn't such a sissy and deathly afraid of her choking.
5.  Anything else I need to know? 
Thanks, y'all!  I'll post some pictures of our Mexico trip soon, I promise.  It basically involved John having to work (a little), while I raided the mini-bar for chocolate every morning.  And afternoon.  And evening.   
I also may or may not have accidentally flashed some of his coworkers during our "ride the dolphins, and OH, hey, maybe you should tell people not to wear string bikinis!" adventure.
Good times.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby D's New Look (I mean, on the blog. I didn't give AG a sassy new makeover, or anything).

Do you ever stalk read blogs, and decide that if you lived in the same city as the blog author, you would definitely be friends?
Maybe you even occasionally start talking about this person in conversations with your husband, telling him about how so-and-so did/said the funniest/coolest/most thought-provoking thing today.

(And maybe when he figures out that this is a person you have never actually met, he looks at you like you’re a total creeper.)

NOT that I know about this from experience. Because I don’t.

Except that I do.

Anyway, I’ve been reading Melanie’s blog for awhile now, and thinking: this girl seems SO sweet and godly, and I want to be just like her.

(Now I sound creepy again, don’t I?)

So, about a month ago, Melanie offered a giveaway for a free custom blog design. (Because not only is she a busy mother of two, she finds time to do these fantabulous blog creations.  It would be sickening if she wasn't so awesome.).   I read about this giveaway, and decided, well yes.  Yes, I would like to win that. And against ALL of my normally un-winning odds, I actually won.

Let me just tell you that, now, after working with Melanie on this design, I am CERTAIN that we would be friends in real life. And not just in blog life. Because she reached into my brain and pulled out EXACTLY what I would have wanted, had I been creative enough to think of it on my own.

Which I obviously wasn’t.

Regardless, if you’re in the market for a new blog design, TALK TO MELANIE. Her designs are awesome, she is beyond sweet & fun to work with, and her prices are so affordable.

Thank you again, Melanie for the fantastic design! I loved getting to work with you on this!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Sherri,

Your little trip to Athens today was fun, wasn't it?  You got to re-live old memories at the ADPi house, walk around downtown, and see the (in)famous Brumby again.  Good times.

But listen.....when you're chatting with the cute, young college girls working in that adorable shop downtown, and you ask them what sorority they're in, they are NOT going to return the question.  Sorry, hon.  And don't expect them to ask what "year" you are.  I'm not sure, but it may have a little something to do with the bags under your eyes. 

And your lack of desire to try to hide them with makeup.

And the fact that you asked them where to find a Georgia cheerleading uniform for your baby.

(Btw, it's not nice to wish wrinkles and early aging upon those girls either.  Just sayin.)

I know you haven't been back to Athens in a quite awhile (due to a child who insisted upon being born during football season last year.  Diva.), but it's generally best if you don't go around starting sentences with, "when I was in Athens." 

Like, "when I was in Athens, we used to go to Mexicali all the time."  Or "when I was in Athens, we still had dial-up internet. And no tivo."  And especially not, "when I was in Athens, we only used our cell phones for emergencies, and we (gasp) didn't text our friends."

You might as well tell people that you walked 5 miles, uphill, in the snow, to your classes.

Be prepared for the college children to look at you like you're an alien from another planet.  (Or just a thirty-something.  Which is basically the same thing to them.)

Let me sum it up for you:  Just because you wear jeggings, drink Starbucks, and say things like "awesome,"  people do NOT think you're still in college.  (And probably especially because you say things like "awesome.")

Your thirty-something self that gets tired at 9:30, loves HGTV, and kicks it regularly in her sweatpants.

(Hey, at least it's not a housecoat.  Yet.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Few Things.....

1.  Ally Grace is officially 11 months old!  Which means, next month, she'll be considered a toddler.
Coincidentally, it also means that I will no longer be able to blame things on "the baby."  Or even (shamefully) the pregnancy. 

Like this raging case of OCD I seem to have picked up, because of the pregnancy.

Or the hypothetical widening of my hips, because of the baby.

Or darn, I sure would love to come to your (insert event that I am desperately trying to get out of) but I can't, because I have to get home and feed the baby.

Regardless, I'm loving every minute of this stage with Ally Grace.  Even though she's going through what some might call a "screeching in public" phase.  And despite the fact that she's constantly got her finger in her nose, my nose, or just jabbing it somewhere in the general vicinity of my eyeball. 

But really, she's five thousand kinds of adorable, and I'll just leave it at that.  I couldn't possibly love the girl more.

2.  (I know, I know, that was ALL number 1.  Rash.)  So, I watched the show "Hellcats" last night.  It has all the things I look for in a new favorite show:
  • it's on the CW
  • it's all about cheerleading (hello? Bring It On, anyone?!)
  • it has a target audience of teenagers
What's not to love?

3.  I came up with a fantastic combination of toppings at my neighborhood Yoforia.  Which I may have visited one (or five) too many times this week.  Potentially even immediately after going on a run.  But really, I was doing a public service by experimenting with toppings, because what I am about to share with you will rock. your. world.

Blueberries......with fruity pebbles.

Clearly I have a mature food palate. (No.)  Also, I'm pretty sure the blueberries cancel out the fruity pebbles.

4.  WHERE in the world can you find a 12 month old Georgia cheerleading uniform???  Don't worry, I'm not signing her up for cheerleading.  Yet.  But her first birthday party's coming up, and due to our inability to consult a calendar before planning important events, we may have accidentally planned it for the Georgia-Tennessee game.  Which will now be referred to as "Ally Grace's First Tailgate" by everyone that matters.

(Or probably only by us.  But isn't a baby cheerleading uniform practically a requirement here? I'm feeling scared that I might have to bust out some scissors and try to get crafty, if I can't find one that's actually made by professionals.  Or Nike.  Or just someone who sews.)

5.  And because I'd really like to end on number 5 (and, hello OCD....we're back), I'll just tell you that for Labor Day, we went to the lake. 

As per usual, we attended the Lake Rabun holiday buffet, hosted by the Dillard House.  And as per usual, we not only had the buffet memorized, we used this to our advantage to strategize our food choices, placement, and general execution.

What?  It was completely all because of the pregnancy. the baby.

Oh wait.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yes, We ARE Those People

Voting starts today on Gerber's Cutest Kid!  Which we sincerely hope will be Ally Grace, so that we can afford to send her to college. 

(Have I guilted you into voting yet?)

Here's the link, should you be so inclined to use it.  (Please use it.)

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!  GO DAWGS!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photos and Contest

Welcome back to the most inconsistent blog on the planet.  I'm sure that the 2 people who read this have really, really missed me. 

Or not.

We've been busy traveling, going to showers, and learning to crawl.  (Well, not me, I already know how to crawl, believe it or not.) 

Ally Grace had her 10 month photos taken by our friend Kerie.....and since a picture is worth a thousand words, this might be the longest blog you've ever "read."  Enjoy!

Notice the devious glint in her eye.  She completely gets this from her dad. 
Definitely not from me.  Nope.  Definitely not.

This last photo is totally my favorite.  And apparently everyone else's, as I learned from a not at all annoying poll of our family and friends. 

So in semi-related news, we've decided to enter AG in Gerber's Cutest Kid contest.  NOT because we think she's the cutest kid in the world.  (Except that we totally do).  And not because I'm trying to get all "Toddlers and Tiaras" up in here.  (I promise not to pierce her ears, make her wear makeup, or dress her up in mini-evening gowns, until, oh, never, since she'll be wearing turtlenecks and sweaters until she's at least 25.  And possibly longer.)

The main reason we're doing this is because the winner is awarded a $25,000 scholarship for college!  And I will do just about anything to win that scholarship.  Including, but not limited to, really obnoxiously begging asking people to vote for her via the blog, twitter, facebook, and possibly even wearing puff-painted t-shirts with her name on them. 

Well.  Let's not be rash.  No amount of money is worth that kind of fashion mishap.

Voting begins September 3rd, and in case you're worried that you might forget, you shouldn't.  Because I'm not going to let you. 

Let the voting begin! 
(In about 3 days).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lazy vs. Efficient

Does it make me lazy or just extremely efficient that I would probably give someone my right arm for this?

Let's go with efficient.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Seven years ago, on my 23rd birthday, I went out with friends. Some new, some old, some still my best friends today. I wore a big pink tiara and an Urban Outfitters t-shirt that said “Proud to Farm.”

(Clearly, I was shy and didn’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to myself).

My still fairly new boyfriend had gotten a big group of people together for dinner at OK Café, an Atlanta institution. Afterwards, we went out in Buckhead til the early morning hours.

The next day, said boyfriend made me WAKE UP AT 4AM (maybe a couple of hours after I went to sleep!) to pick me up for a surprise hot air balloon ride. I didn’t know where we were going, and am pretty sure I was contemplating whether I wanted to continue dating someone that did surprises at such godforsaken hours of the day.

It WAS however, a really fun experience. And it wasn’t even the best part of my day—the boyfriend let me go home, get back into my pajamas, and he watched movies with me all day, only leaving my condo once to go get us some BBQ and a pecan pie. Heaven. This is when I knew we were made for each other.

Or maybe I knew it later that night, when he told me he loved me and wanted to marry me (after six weeks of knowing each other). How did I know, you ask? I’m pretty sure it was from my lack of desire to run screaming from the room in a complete and total panic. Instead, all I felt was excitement.

That was 7 birthdays ago, and John and I are both a lot older (especially in his case) and (hopefully) wiser. We’ve been through so many amazing times and a few rough ones too.

And even though today is my birthday, and we’re technically supposed to be celebrating me, I always feel like celebrating us instead.

Thank you for being the best birthday present ever, babe. You were the surprise of a lifetime.

(And the rest of you are welcome to go throw up now.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye to My Twenties

Tomorrow, I say goodbye to my twenties....It's been quite the decade, I must say. 

In the last 10 years, I.....

moved 6 times
had THREE careers
fell in love
had my heart broken
fell in love FOR REAL

got married

was a newlywed
bought my first house

fell in love with the best dog in the world

experienced pregnancy (and all it's ups and downs)

became a mother!

formed some amazing friendships
became a runner
ran a marathon

went to Europe
was a ropes course instructor (despite a paralyzing fear of heights)
became addicted to stainless steel wipes and marshmallows
grew in my relationship with Jesus
went on hiking trips

began my love affair with Starbucks

learned that I loved Thai food
started a blog
(am so thankful for people who actually read it)

In the words of Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30:

"To being 30.  I've decided it's gonna be awesome."