Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some Thoughts for Your Thursday (It IS Thursday, Right?)

1.  Leggings are amazing.  As are fake uggs, or "fuggs" as I like to call them.

(Now, John would probably beg to differ with me on both of those comments.  However.  I maintain that leggings are much more socially acceptable than sweatpants, yet still allow me the comfort of an elastic waistband. Highly important.)

2.  I am in love with Starbucks's Peppermint Mocha.  IN LOVE. And don't even get me started on my feelings for the cranberry bliss bars.  I literally feared for the cashier's life when he told me that they were out today. 

Don't get between me and my cranberry bliss bars. 

3.  Here is further proof of my OCDness.  As if we needed any more after the stainless steel wipes insanity.

Yes.  That is our Christmas tree.
Which was put up in November.

Ask me when it made it's Christmas debut last year?
Oh, about Christmas Eve.  
I have no idea what has happened to me.

Although I do know that my arm is apparently about 37 feet long. 


carolineo said...

"Fuggs" just made me spit out my cereal. Pretty much on my computer keyboard. This is just one example of why we are friends. Please save Reids cup and shoes for me. I cant tell Kyle I left them at your house or he will accuse me of doing it "accidentally on purpose". LOVE YOU!

Jen Watts said...

I love those cranberry bliss bars too and a friend gave me a copycat recipe...considering I live in the sticks and the nearest starbucks is way too far away I tried them out..they are pretty easy to make and make a great little gift too!! just google starbucks cranberry bliss bars recipe.

love the pic of you and your baby girl!

Jill said...

Umm...Sherri, we are kindred spirits. I have had this exact conversation about leggings at least 3X this week. LOVE. I mean, elastic AND you look nicer? Win WIN. I may have to write a blog on them myself. And as I type this comment I'm sipping on a peppermint mocha....bliss...

natalie sams said...

You are hilarious. Your arm does look 37 feet long!! Our tree finally made it inside the house on Saturday, we put lights on yesterday and maybe decorate it tonight. We are not at all on the ball!! Hope you are well!