Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for Some Announcements....

(....and NO, I'm not pregnant.)

(You totally went there in your mind though, didn't ya?)

(I would have.) 

(Which may be why I said it.  Apparently, I'm dramatic like that.)

But for real, I have a few announcements.  Which means.....IT'S TIME FOR A LIST!
(Try to contain yourselves.)

Announcement #1:  On Valentine's Day, I learned that my husband has been hiding something from me these last 8 years.  Namely, that he has skillz in the kitchen, y'all.  

While I cuddled this little presh......

He made beef wellington for me.  With sherried mushrooms, puff pastry, and Pâté .


(I mean, what IS Pâté anyway?)

(And please don't tell me if it's something like cow brains or intestine spread, or something like that, okay?)

I pretty much ascribe to the "If It Has Too Many Ingredients and/or Steps, I'm Not Gonna Cook It" school of thought.  

So, happy Valentines Day, babe!  My gift to you is all future cooking in this household.  You can thank me later.

Announcement #2:  One of my best friends, Kristin, had a baby GIRL!  WOO HOO!  Her name's Riley, she's SUPER PRESH, and I've been trying not to be the kind of weirdo who just shows up at their house 15 times a day to hold her.  

(I would put a picture on here, but I'm also trying not to be the kind of weirdo that puts pictures of other peoples kids on the Internet without their permission. I'm also guessing there may be some kind of law about that.  Sooooo....just trust me, she's presh!)

Announcement #3:   We're going to be on HGTV!

(I know, I can't believe they picked us either.)  

(See above re: weirdos)

I'm also not sure how much I'm allowed to say, since none of the show has been filmed yet, but we've been going through the selection process for the last month and just found out about a week ago.  

It's for a new show that will air this summer (I think), and I'll be sure to guilt trip y'all into watching it  let you know when it's on.  What I can say, is that they are addressing our current office situation.  

Otherwise known as "Can Two People Work Simultaneously Out of a Shoebox?"

(The answer is no.)

Or perhaps it's known as "How Many More Times Can John Interrupt My Work to Ask Me To Dial A Number For Him?"

(The answer is NOT MANY.)

Anyway, despite my tendency to immediately turn into a huge, weird-voiced goober the minute someone turns a video camera on, I think it'll be fun.  

Or else, I'll look like a weirdo.  

But then again, you knew that already, didn't you?

Wish us luck!  (And wish me a normal sounding voice, while you're at it.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun and Food Poisoning

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!  Or, as I like to call it, Happy "Eat as Much Chocolate As You Want, Because Calories SO Don't Count Today" Day.

I hope you all got to wake up to something this cute......

(Okay.  I didn't really wake up to this.  Clearly, I was the one who dressed her, as a daddy dress-up day usually consists of jeans under a dress, with leggings on top, and tennis shoes.....or something else equally disastrous adorable.)

So, I could tell you about how last night, I got all Pinterest-y crafty up on some valentines for AG's class at school.

(Which I did.  Mostly to overcompensate for last year, when I was the mom who totally forgot what day it was, didn't send her child in with Valentines for anyone, and then later was all, OH.  So that's why they sent the class list home last week.)

Yep.  I am THAT mom.

But, instead I want to tell you about our weekend.

Friday, after round 2 of Cavity Maintenance, I treated myself to a much-deserved dinner of french fries and a McFlurry.

Because I'm healthy like that.

Saturday was just laid-back fun.  It was the kind of day where I crash "daddy-daughter Saturday breakfast date" and turn it into a family date.  The kind of day where the waitress tells me, "Your daughter definitely has your eyes."  (NOT that my eyes are so great or anything.  But just that, after 9 months of pregnancy junk and a full day of labor, among other things, it's just kinda nice to hear that your daughter actually looks like you.  Even a little.)

It was also the kind of Saturday where you get a babysitter at the last minute (thank you, Jessica!!), and somehow trick your husband into seeing the Vow with you.  

(Oh yes, John, I heard there were some awesome fight scenes in this movie.  I think it's about the Vow that Navy Seals take, or something like that. And there are definitely some things that blow up. Maybe.)


It was the kind of date where you just have FUN together.  Lots of laughter, and joking, and being so sickeningly in love that you don't even notice Channing Tatum's abs flashing across the big screen.

(Seriously. That is LOVE, am I right, ladies?)

After the movie, we went to a new restaurant and thought, hey-let's be adventurous and get a fun appetizer!  What's that?  The mussels are TO DIE FOR?  WHY YES.  LET'S HAVE THOSE.

And, you know what?  Those mussels actually made me want to die early Sunday, as I was puking them back up.

Which pretty much sums up the rest of my weekend.

How was yours?

Hopefully it involved fun, and not food poisoning.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tell Me Something Good

You know those people who are able to go through a difficult situation, and seem to naturally exhibit nothing but grace and good attitudes?

I've discovered I'm not one of them.

I mean, I want to be.  I try to stay positive, and be thankful for the blessings I've been given, instead of focusing on the ones I haven't. (Like cavity-free teeth, for instance).

But, when I wake up in middle of the night to a toothache that makes me wonder if a family of tiny sledgehammers has moved into my mouth and started pounding away, my general reaction isn't thankfulness.

It's more like, does it hurt bad enough to walk downstairs, pop a painkiller, eat a brownie (because CLEARLY you shouldn't take painkillers on an empty stomach. Duh.), and risk running into the imaginary burglar that I'm just positive is going to jump out at me from behind our couch?

(Because I'm rational like that.)

So, now I'm off to the dentist for the THIRD time in as many weeks, and I. AM. OVER. IT.

Plus, I don't have any more Ryan Reynolds movies to watch, and is there a certain point at which laughing gas treatments might become a problem? Hmmmm......

So, blog-friends....tell me something good.  Or funny.  Or happy.  Or tell me about how you have perfect teeth with no cavities, even though you NEVER, EVER floss.

Actually, don't tell me that.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craft Time

Today, Jenny and baby Rhodes invited us over for "craft time."

I told Ally Grace where we were going and she was SUPER excited. So excited, in fact, that on the way to their house, she kept shouting, "We going to do craps, mommy!"

Um. I sincerely hope not.

I also found it slightly disconcerting when Ally Grace would yell, "It's crap time, mommy!"

(Or just slightly inappropriate.)

(Or, you know, slightly hilarious.)

(I can't really remember.)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lessons from the Dental Chair

1. When you're offered the laughing gas treatment (yes, even during a cleaning), you TAKE. IT.  Combined with watching the movie "Just Friends," it is possibly one of the most fun experiences I've ever had.

(Okay, that just makes me sound sad and pathetic. I promise I've had more fun in life than an afternoon in the dental chair.)


2.  When you're high on laughing gas, everyone sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher.

3.  If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, let's just say you should probably load up your flexible spending account for the year.  And by "load up," I mean, put AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN IN THAT SUCKER.  You're gonna need it.

4.  Your husband may slightly freak out when you call him after your appointment to ask "babe, exactly how much money do we have in that flex account?"  Your question will be quickly answered with a "what have you done to your teeth?" And followed by a "HOW many cavities did you just say you had?"

5.  And finally, your husband's repeated jokes about how you have "marshmallow teeth" will NOT be nearly as funny as he thinks they are.

(Okay, fine.  They're kind of funny.  But don't tell him I said that.)

Hi Sherri's Dentist?  It's me, your most lucrative patient, judging by the number of fillings I'll have done this year.  If I had known I would get to giggle like a schoolgirl while watching my tv boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, sing "I Swear," I probably would've been making appointments with you a little more often.  Like, say, every other week.

I blame this cavity situation entirely on you.

(Well, on you, my personal fear of the dentist, my hatred of flossing, and my love of processed sugars everywhere.)