Thursday, January 28, 2010


Baby boogers?  They just DO. ME. IN.  I would rather change a million dirty diapers than use that bulb sucker, and pull some long, stringy booger out of AG's nose. (Sorry, I needed to make sure you were as uncomfortable as I am just thinking about it). 

I'm literally almost on the floor every time John does it.  Because Lord knows, that's not a mommy's job.  At least not this mommy's. 

And no wonder she freaks out like we're pulling her fingernails off one by one....who knows what kind of meltdown I'd be capable of if someone came at me with that thing. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Love This Face.....

Even when she's little Miss Fussy Pants. Like right now.

And I love THIS face.....

...because she looks like she just got away with something really big. And I'm thinking that we may or may not be seeing this one quite a bit in the future.

And I love THIS one.....

...even though I am secretly jealous that she is starting to look more like John than me.

And I REALLY love this face......

....because let's be honest, what mother doesn't love when her child is finally asleep?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Random List Time

So what I have today is a random list. Woo hoo! Get excited. I know how y'all love my lists. Okay, mainly I just know how I love to make a good list. Perhaps I will start blogging only in list form.
And the word you're looking for is ANYWAY.......

1. WHY are there so many scary commercials on tv right now? Like the "My name's Suzy, and I was 14 years old when I was murdered" commercial, or basically ALL of the Brinks Home Security commercials. Particularly the one with the random partygoer named AJ. Who comes back later and tries to bust this girl's window out with a crowbar. Not cool, AJ. Ladies, if you see these coming on, and you have tivo, FAST FORWARD as fast as you can! Unless you want to have nightmares and check your door locks 25 times before you go to bed every night. Not that I do that or anything.

Seriously, commercial-makers (who probably have a fancier job title than "commercial-maker"), there are people out there who may or may not overreact to such commercials. And who may or may not be named Sherri. Don't do this to us.

2. AG shall now be called the Screecher. Because she loves a good screeching noise. I hope that's not how she'll communicate when she's, say, 15. Because she sounds like a little alien, and it may or may not make her slightly unpopular in high school.

3. When I saw John this morning, I said "Hey, girl" instead of "hey babe." He wasn't super excited, and maintains that it's a worse offense than when he calls me "Jamey" (his brother), or "mom." I think that's debatable.

4. Last night, we had one of those nights where we hadn't been to the grocery store in awhile, and had to come up with dinner out of random pantry options. Which possibly happens more than it should in our house, since I would rather eat dirt than go grocery shopping. We ended up with oriental-flavored Ramen noodles and ground beef. Mixed together. And before you make fun (or gag), it was actually pretty darn good! Not to mention super cheap. Boo-ya! (Seriously, what is wrong with me? No idea why I felt the need for a boo-ya there, but I'm leaving it anyway).

5. AG now has her first official, larger than her own head, baby bow! It's so stinkin' cute.

(Actually, this is a photo of the hat, with the "larger than her own head" flower). I feel that if she could talk, she'd be saying "MOM! Quit making me look stupid!"

HERE's the bow. She looks much happier, am I right?

And yes, many of our pictures happen on the changing table. Because if anything makes me want to take a picture, it's changing a dirty diaper.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

National Delurking Day

From reading other blogs that I currently "lurk" on (is that even a real phrase?), I've learned that today is National Delurking Day....meaning, if you read this blog and don't normally comment, today's your day to let me know that you were here! You can even write "(Your name) wuz here," and pretend you're writing on a bathroom stall door, if you want to.

I would love to know if anyone besides me and 2 other people read this blog bring it on! Write comments! If you don't, I will be forced to create fake names and comment on this post so that I feel loved.
Sherri wuz here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wish List

Um, is it wrong that my Christmas tree's still up? I feel like it's time to take it down, but then when I go to do it, I get distracted by all the pretty lights and forget what I'm doing. At this point, I may or may not hang hearts all over it for Valentines Day. Or better yet, just shove it into our hall closet where it can sit decorated until next year.

So, I was discussing wish lists with my friend Jenny the other day....does anyone else have one? An ongoing wish list that you keep in your mind? Or perhaps in a word document on your computer, where your husband just might accidentally stumble upon it, and decide to buy you a spontaneous present? are some things that are currently on mine. (And this may or may not be a test to see if John actually reads the blog.)

An iphone. Now that John has one, my palm pilot just looks super dorky in comparison. It's totally the unattractive one in the cell phone relationship. Plus, I may possibly be a tiny bit addicted to iphone Monopoly. Or hugely addicted. But only if I'm winning. Because I have the really positive & mature character trait of only wanting to play if I'm winning.

Paintings for our living room and our bedroom. I saw some SUPER cute ones on etsy.....has anyone ever bought a painting there before? I like this one and this one.

New bed linens for our bedroom.....remember the IRONING incident? I'm still not over it.

The rest of our dining room chairs. Those of you who remember that debate will be happy to know that.....I WON! But, we unfortunately still only have 2 chairs.....sooooo, yeah. It'd be good to get a few more.

And since that entire list is pretty much all house stuff (wow, I feel thing you know, I'll be watching HGTV all day....oh WAIT. I already do.), here are a few more frivolous "wants."

Frye boots--Specifically these. I may or may not have a sick boots obsession. Similar to the one I have with jeans. Where I own too many pairs, but start twitching anytime I see a cute new style that I "need"....aka, just really want.

Lululemon Workout Gear--I LOVE this stuff. And since I spend approximately 92% of the time in workout clothes, I feel that I should replace the sweaty t-shirt w/ armpit stains with something a little cuter. Or maybe John feels that way. Anyway, pretty much everything they have in the store is super adorable, but I especially love these:

Stride Jacket How cute is this? Excuse me, LOOK at the's like an awesome throwback to the 80's & fingerless gloves! I love it. (Although "awesome" and "80's" are not usually found in the same sentence).

Wonder Under Pants (But only if my thighs look like the skinny model's....sooooo, never mind.)

What are some things on your wish list? And I make no promises not to copy. It's the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am LITERALLY drinking a green sludge that my husband just blended up for me......he SAYS it's spinach, kale, cucumbers, and celery. I say it looks like algae, and tastes like grass. The mere fact that I'm participating in something this healthy (and gross) is blog-worthy, am I right?

AG's diapers may or may not be bright green tomorrow.

(Also, does it make up for the nachos I just ate? With the way it tastes, I'm pretty sure that it should.)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Year of the Hormones

So, before I get started on what might possibly be the longest, most random post I've ever written, did anyone watch the Bachelor last night? Excuse me, I meant, the Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Really, ABC? I mean, REALLY? I may or may not have gagged every time one of the girls said that she would love to be Jake's "co-pilot."

And yet I will watch AGAIN. Because clearly I love a good train wreck.'s a new year! Bring it on. 2009 shall forever be remembered by me as the Year of the Hormones. And perhaps by John as well.

Here's a quick (or not) recap:

January--Found out I was pregnant! Total excitement. Determined to eat super well, and be ultra-healthy for the baby. Building a new house. Jackson turned 2. (Or 14 in human years).

(Our house, a work in progress)

February--MORNING/ALL-DAY sickness. Ate nothing but carbs for 3 months. Found buyers for our old house.

(Goodbye, old many great memories!)

March--Went to the lake for a girls trip. Baby shower for Kimberly. Still nauseous all the time.

(Kimberly's fun baby shower!)

April--John's birthday. Found out we were having a girl! Trip to Nashville. Beginning to feel better. Started the LONG process of packing up our house. Discovered that we are apparently packrats. Working like crazy!

May--Moved into our new house! "Babymoon" in Naples. Living in the guest room for a month, as we looked for a new bed. Lake for Memorial Day.

June--Beach with girlfriends. Starting to "show." Developed an INSANE sweet tooth...which was totally the baby's fault, of course. Definitely not because I just like sweets, and had an excuse to eat as many as I wanted. Definitely not.

July--3rd trimester. Hospital tour. Baby Class. Worked on the nursery. Starting to feel more settled. Trip to the lake again for the 4th of July. John goes to Moldova for 10 days....longest 10 days of my life.

August--Could it be any hotter? Lots of ultrasounds. Baby Showers! My 29th

September--Still working. Ready for baby. Lots of datenights, and doing whatever we want. A little scared of how life is about to change.

October--Ally Grace's birthday! Uncontrollable joy. Unbelievable tiredness. Absolutely amazing family and friends who took care of us. Learning & learning....and then learning some more. much to be thankful for. AG's first smiles. Trip to Habersham.

December--Jesus's birthday! Parties, family, and friends. Trips to Nashville and the beach. Rock Band. iphone Monopoly. Ready for a year of non-crazy. (And non-pregnancy.)

(New Year's Eve.....10 fingers for 2010....we're so clever.)

Still with me? Anyone? Bueller?

So, I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions, because I find that they typically don't last longer than 5 minutes for me. This year, however, I made one. It's a tiny one, but still. Tiny=more likely that I will follow through. I resolve to have better posture in 2010. Yep, posture. Mainly because I caught a glimpse of myself walking down the hall last weekend, and noticed that I have the posture of an angry teenage girl. Or an 89-year old. Either way, it's not pretty, and pushed me to do something as drastic as resolve to stand up straighter.

I know, I'm so deep.

What are your New Years Resolutions? I may or may not need to add to my long list of one.