Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wish List

Um, is it wrong that my Christmas tree's still up? I feel like it's time to take it down, but then when I go to do it, I get distracted by all the pretty lights and forget what I'm doing. At this point, I may or may not hang hearts all over it for Valentines Day. Or better yet, just shove it into our hall closet where it can sit decorated until next year.

So, I was discussing wish lists with my friend Jenny the other day....does anyone else have one? An ongoing wish list that you keep in your mind? Or perhaps in a word document on your computer, where your husband just might accidentally stumble upon it, and decide to buy you a spontaneous present? are some things that are currently on mine. (And this may or may not be a test to see if John actually reads the blog.)

An iphone. Now that John has one, my palm pilot just looks super dorky in comparison. It's totally the unattractive one in the cell phone relationship. Plus, I may possibly be a tiny bit addicted to iphone Monopoly. Or hugely addicted. But only if I'm winning. Because I have the really positive & mature character trait of only wanting to play if I'm winning.

Paintings for our living room and our bedroom. I saw some SUPER cute ones on etsy.....has anyone ever bought a painting there before? I like this one and this one.

New bed linens for our bedroom.....remember the IRONING incident? I'm still not over it.

The rest of our dining room chairs. Those of you who remember that debate will be happy to know that.....I WON! But, we unfortunately still only have 2 chairs.....sooooo, yeah. It'd be good to get a few more.

And since that entire list is pretty much all house stuff (wow, I feel thing you know, I'll be watching HGTV all day....oh WAIT. I already do.), here are a few more frivolous "wants."

Frye boots--Specifically these. I may or may not have a sick boots obsession. Similar to the one I have with jeans. Where I own too many pairs, but start twitching anytime I see a cute new style that I "need"....aka, just really want.

Lululemon Workout Gear--I LOVE this stuff. And since I spend approximately 92% of the time in workout clothes, I feel that I should replace the sweaty t-shirt w/ armpit stains with something a little cuter. Or maybe John feels that way. Anyway, pretty much everything they have in the store is super adorable, but I especially love these:

Stride Jacket How cute is this? Excuse me, LOOK at the's like an awesome throwback to the 80's & fingerless gloves! I love it. (Although "awesome" and "80's" are not usually found in the same sentence).

Wonder Under Pants (But only if my thighs look like the skinny model's....sooooo, never mind.)

What are some things on your wish list? And I make no promises not to copy. It's the sincerest form of flattery, right?


Meredith Williams said...

Sherri! Totally go for the Frye boots. I got the Frye Jane Stitch last Christmas and am still completely obsessed!

Bagwell's said...

So funny....Brad says I want more things than anyone he has ever met and I say I don't want them like Im going out to buy them tomorrow "want them" but if someone needed to get me something I always have a list of things ready! Our wish lists are very similar except I forgot how to exercise since moving and therefore don't need new workout clothes! Agghhh...I need you to walk with me!