Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Year of the Hormones

So, before I get started on what might possibly be the longest, most random post I've ever written, did anyone watch the Bachelor last night? Excuse me, I meant, the Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Really, ABC? I mean, REALLY? I may or may not have gagged every time one of the girls said that she would love to be Jake's "co-pilot."

And yet I will watch AGAIN. Because clearly I love a good train wreck.

ANYWAY......it's a new year! Bring it on. 2009 shall forever be remembered by me as the Year of the Hormones. And perhaps by John as well.

Here's a quick (or not) recap:

January--Found out I was pregnant! Total excitement. Determined to eat super well, and be ultra-healthy for the baby. Building a new house. Jackson turned 2. (Or 14 in human years).

(Our house, a work in progress)

February--MORNING/ALL-DAY sickness. Ate nothing but carbs for 3 months. Found buyers for our old house.

(Goodbye, old house....so many great memories!)

March--Went to the lake for a girls trip. Baby shower for Kimberly. Still nauseous all the time.

(Kimberly's fun baby shower!)

April--John's birthday. Found out we were having a girl! Trip to Nashville. Beginning to feel better. Started the LONG process of packing up our house. Discovered that we are apparently packrats. Working like crazy!

May--Moved into our new house! "Babymoon" in Naples. Living in the guest room for a month, as we looked for a new bed. Lake for Memorial Day.

June--Beach with girlfriends. Starting to "show." Developed an INSANE sweet tooth...which was totally the baby's fault, of course. Definitely not because I just like sweets, and had an excuse to eat as many as I wanted. Definitely not.

July--3rd trimester. Hospital tour. Baby Class. Worked on the nursery. Starting to feel more settled. Trip to the lake again for the 4th of July. John goes to Moldova for 10 days....longest 10 days of my life.

August--Could it be any hotter? Lots of ultrasounds. Baby Showers! My 29th birthday....wow.

September--Still working. Ready for baby. Lots of datenights, and doing whatever we want. A little scared of how life is about to change.

October--Ally Grace's birthday! Uncontrollable joy. Unbelievable tiredness. Absolutely amazing family and friends who took care of us. Learning & learning....and then learning some more.

November--Thanksgiving...so much to be thankful for. AG's first smiles. Trip to Habersham.

December--Jesus's birthday! Parties, family, and friends. Trips to Nashville and the beach. Rock Band. iphone Monopoly. Ready for a year of non-crazy. (And non-pregnancy.)

(New Year's Eve.....10 fingers for 2010....we're so clever.)

Still with me? Anyone? Bueller?

So, I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions, because I find that they typically don't last longer than 5 minutes for me. This year, however, I made one. It's a tiny one, but still. Tiny=more likely that I will follow through. I resolve to have better posture in 2010. Yep, posture. Mainly because I caught a glimpse of myself walking down the hall last weekend, and noticed that I have the posture of an angry teenage girl. Or an 89-year old. Either way, it's not pretty, and pushed me to do something as drastic as resolve to stand up straighter.

I know, I'm so deep.

What are your New Years Resolutions? I may or may not need to add to my long list of one.


Brooke said...

I am totally laughing out loud at the "posture of an angry teenage girl" line! Where do you get this stuff?! It was a great year! I'm so blessed to have been a part of some of those great memories with you! Here's to many more!

Bagwell's said...

Ewww....morning/all day sickness! I hate that that even makes the list but it's all worth it, right? And, hey, you could still get pregnant this year so don't count it out yet. We miss you!