Monday, January 18, 2010

Random List Time

So what I have today is a random list. Woo hoo! Get excited. I know how y'all love my lists. Okay, mainly I just know how I love to make a good list. Perhaps I will start blogging only in list form.
And the word you're looking for is ANYWAY.......

1. WHY are there so many scary commercials on tv right now? Like the "My name's Suzy, and I was 14 years old when I was murdered" commercial, or basically ALL of the Brinks Home Security commercials. Particularly the one with the random partygoer named AJ. Who comes back later and tries to bust this girl's window out with a crowbar. Not cool, AJ. Ladies, if you see these coming on, and you have tivo, FAST FORWARD as fast as you can! Unless you want to have nightmares and check your door locks 25 times before you go to bed every night. Not that I do that or anything.

Seriously, commercial-makers (who probably have a fancier job title than "commercial-maker"), there are people out there who may or may not overreact to such commercials. And who may or may not be named Sherri. Don't do this to us.

2. AG shall now be called the Screecher. Because she loves a good screeching noise. I hope that's not how she'll communicate when she's, say, 15. Because she sounds like a little alien, and it may or may not make her slightly unpopular in high school.

3. When I saw John this morning, I said "Hey, girl" instead of "hey babe." He wasn't super excited, and maintains that it's a worse offense than when he calls me "Jamey" (his brother), or "mom." I think that's debatable.

4. Last night, we had one of those nights where we hadn't been to the grocery store in awhile, and had to come up with dinner out of random pantry options. Which possibly happens more than it should in our house, since I would rather eat dirt than go grocery shopping. We ended up with oriental-flavored Ramen noodles and ground beef. Mixed together. And before you make fun (or gag), it was actually pretty darn good! Not to mention super cheap. Boo-ya! (Seriously, what is wrong with me? No idea why I felt the need for a boo-ya there, but I'm leaving it anyway).

5. AG now has her first official, larger than her own head, baby bow! It's so stinkin' cute.

(Actually, this is a photo of the hat, with the "larger than her own head" flower). I feel that if she could talk, she'd be saying "MOM! Quit making me look stupid!"

HERE's the bow. She looks much happier, am I right?

And yes, many of our pictures happen on the changing table. Because if anything makes me want to take a picture, it's changing a dirty diaper.


Jill said...

CUTE cute cute! Where did you get that hat? Love it! It's funny the things you will put your kid in that you swore you never would...(at least for me...!) Love your blog. I've been a lazy to get back to it! Oh, and so agree on the commercials...

carolineo said...

I just laughed out loud at this post! and I LOVE a good list. My favorite is #3. Im laughing about it again right now.