Saturday, December 31, 2011

And, Here You Go....

I'm back with the video....(or "bideo" as AG likes to call them).

Let me set it up for you:  At our house, we have a nightly ritual.  First, AG says her prayers, and then, John and I sing Amazing Grace, while scratching her back.  Somehow, she learned that there is more than one verse, and she now demands nicely asks that we keep singing after we finish verse one.

Every night.

(Don't think we haven't tried a super fast rendition of the song, either.  Uh-uh.  She's not having it, folks.)

Anyway, one day, I was lying down beside her, and she started scratching  my back and singing Amazing Grace to me.  And yes, I may or may not have totally lost it teared up slightly, because there's nothing more precious than her little voice singing.

(And she was already well into the song by the time we realized, "Hey! Maybe we should whip out the video camera and capture this moment on film."  Or the iPhone, because we're high-tech like that.)

Enjoy!  And Happy New Year, everyone!

A Phone Post....Because I Am Fancy

So here's the deal. I'm definitely going to blog about Christmas. But since I'm super busy trying to play catch up today, I'm just gonna leave you with probably the cutest video ever seen on this blog.

(And let's be honest, it's really just because I'm typing on my iPhone and starting to get a thumb cramp).

(And aren't you so excited to know that I can now blog from my phone? It's a fancy, fancy world we live in.)

Wait. I just found out that I actually can't post a video from my phone. The world is slightly less fancy now. But since my thumbs worked so hard on this post, I'm leaving it.

I'll be back with the cuteness shortly!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Stories. You're Welcome.

So, I just hopped on here to tell y'all a few random stories....I'm SURE you're just beside yourself with excitement. Or not.


Random Story #1: Today I went with John and my dad to see the movie "We Bought a Zoo."  And here's what you need to know about it (besides the fact that Matt Damon is in it, and that's reason enough all by itself):

It will reduce you to the ugly cry at least 6 different times.  It was either super good, or I am super hormonal/crazy. 

Let's not think too hard about that one, okay?

Random Story #2: Last night, John and I went to Target to partake in one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  We started doing it about four years ago after I unashamedly stole the idea, and now it's just not Christmas without's called, Fill Each Other's Stocking Using $30 and 30 Minutes

A.k.a. Sneak Around Target Pointing Finger Guns and Acting Crazy.

(A.k.a. Security Doesn't Think The Finger Guns Thing Is Too Funny, So Maybe Skip That Part, Why Don't You?)

Seriously, it's fun y'all.  And you wouldn't believe the abundance you can find at Target for only $30.

(Actually, if you're like me, you would totally believe it, because I'm at Target so much that I practically work there.  If "working there" means you leave with less money than you came with.)

Random Story #3:  Yesterday, I went to get a pedicure.  And before you get all judge-y and think, oooh, Miss Fancy Pants Got Herself a Fancy Pedicure, well, don't.  Because my toenails were so bad that I think my nail technician cried a little when she first saw them.  Anyway, I'm sitting there chatting with my friend Kristin, and I begin to notice this little gnat flying around my head.  Having just been to the gym, I know I was a nasty, sweaty mess perspiring a tiny bit.  The gnat was clearly enjoying this, and would not leave me alone. 

Suddenly, it lands on my cheek.  And instinctively, I smack myself in the face.  Hard. 
And rather suddenly for that matter, according to the fact that everyone in the entire place looks at me like I'm super crazy.

Which I am, just not in the way they think.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, blog friends!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Surprise! Or not.

I believe I may have mentioned in the past that I have a slight tendency to be a total surprise ruiner a tad bit nosy when it comes to my birthday, Christmas, etc.  I may have even been known to ahem, review the credit card statement around those key times of year, in an effort to see where John has been shopping. 

(I'm sure this quality is highly adorable and not at all irritating for him.)

I may have even accidentally logged into his amazon account last year, and seen that he ordered a kindle.  Right before Christmas.  After I had just been talking about how much I wanted one. 

(It was a total accident.)

(Maybe. I can't really remember.)

(In my defense, is it really my fault if his password is so easy to figure out?)

Alright fine.  I am a world class snooper, of the highest degree of snoopiness.  Which actually does not even look like a real word. 

But, I had NOTHING to do with the surprises that were ruined yesterday.  For once in my life, I haven't even attempted to find my Christmas presents, look at the credit card statement, or log in to any amazon accounts. 

Anyway, I get home from an afternoon appointment, and John and AG are playing upstairs.  Little presh's favorite new game is to "hide."  (In the same 4 spots every time).  I hear them run off and hide, so I come upstairs and begin loudly searching in ridiculous places, like the washing machine, or the toilet, to see if I can get her to giggle.

(Because, really?  If AG actually hid in the toilet, I would be a little upset. And grossed out. And honestly impressed with her creativity.)

I go into her room, and she's not in her go-to spot behind the curtains.  So, I head into our room, to see if she's behind our bathroom door. 

And that's when it happens.

I see two things from my Christmas wish list (which was typed, with links, and given to John, oh about 3 months ago. Because I'm helpful like that.), just laying right out in the open, for all the world to see.

Hi, husband?  This is Sherri.  Get your head in the game! You of all people should know that I am nosy. It is nearly impossible to surprise me.  I will try to discover surprises you have planned for me, almost 100% of the time.  I know this must be super fun for you.   Is this some new, clever non-hiding technique that you're employing?  Oooh, wait.  Were they empty boxes, left out, just to throw me off?  Maybe I should go shake them and make sure.

By the way, I absolutely love them. 

And you.


Your over-the-top nosy wife, who tried really hard this year not to be the surprise ruiner that I normally am. 

P.S. Maybe you should change your passwords.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Does Everything Random Happen at the Park?

The following takes place between 10:00am and 11:00am......
(With my cousin, Whitney, at the neighborhood park.)

(Jack Bauer was not present, but it would've been totally awesome if he was.)

Ally Grace:  I'm cooking, I'm cooking....Hey, Man!  Look at me, Man!

Nice Grandfather Innocently Watching His Grandson Play Nearby:  Who?  Me? 

Ally Grace:  Talk to me, Man!

Nice Grandfather:  How old is she?!


I'm thinking we should possibly teach AG a few life lessons here.....namely, that she shouldn't demand that random strangers talk to her.  Perhaps that it's rude to yell "hey, Man!" at random men.

(And also, that it's rude to yell "hey, girl!" at any man.)

(They tend not to like to be called "girl.")

(I may have learned this from experience, as John was not amused by my "hey, girl!" the other morning.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 December

Yes, it's here.  Part 2 of my slacker-ish fall recap.  Since November is basically "The Month That I Know Happened, But Cannot Remember," I'm going to entertain you with an iPhone picture dump. 

(Also, I hate the word dump.   Just in case you were wondering.)

So, in November, we were.....

...Taking ironic pictures.  Yes, this really happened.
Excuse me, Fitness, I'm just minding my own business, enjoying this cupcake.
Back up off me.

...Accessorizing like a champ.  The more purses the better, I say.

...Doing toddler art projects. Aka, entertaining with stickers.
Or as AG says:
"Putting band aids on mommy."

...Engaging in some super unflattering, (at least for me) self-taken family portraits.
...Taking advantage of a Groupon at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Or maybe just taking advantage of my husband.  I can't remember.

TRYING to teach Belle how to be a lady. 
It's clearly isn't working.

....Decorating the Christmas tree!

The week before Thanksgiving.

After which I learned that people on Facebook are weirdly opinionated about putting your tree up before Thanksgiving.

Among other things.
...Christmas partying.
The Nelsons annually host my favorite Christmas party of the year, which involves the boys dressing like freaks, while the girls dress cute and laugh at them. 

Oh the joys of Christmas.
Well, would you look at that! We made it into December, didn't we?  Who knew a phone dump could be so productive?

And yet sound so disgusting at the same time.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Biting the Bullet

Well, it's been six weeks y'all.  Fall has been kicking. my. tail.  Every time I start to sit down and write a post, I remember how long it's been since I've actually done one.  Which leads me to my fallback method of dealing with life....Procrastinating and procrastinating, and then procrastinating some more. 

(Or perhaps it's just sitting on the couch and watching tivoed Hart of Dixie episodes to cope with the stress.)

(Which has worked fairly well, up until now).

But now I am feeling guilty.  Because I know that all two of my readers are perhaps occasionally wondering where I am.  Or not.  Either way, I am biting the bullet.  Let's DO THIS.  Time for Fall Recap 2011. 

(It can't be any harder than Christmas Present Wrapping 2011).

When I last posted, I think we were at the beach celebrating our seventh anniversary.  Which you didn't know, because I'm paranoid crafty and didn't want Internet creepers to know we weren't at home. 

We went to Rosemary Beach for a week, in October, which has GOT to be the best time of year to head to the beach.  Except when you're nauseous for the entire first three days, thereby immediately convincing yourself that you're pregnant, and HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GOING TO DEAL WITH 6 STRAIGHT WEEKS OF CONSTANT NAUSEA?!?!?!  DURING THE HOLIDAYS!?!?!  I NEED A PREGNANCY TEST IMMEDIATELY!!!

Oh, what's that?  It's negative? 

Indeed it was. 

So, the beach was fantastic, and as per usual, I failed on the photo documentation aspect.  Maybe because our camera has been shoved somewhere down near the bottom of our diaper bag.  I think.  Anyway, here's our ONE "Let's Hold Out the Phone, Try Not to Shake It, and Hope for the Best" picture:

You know, it makes total sense that, of all the pretty backgrounds down at Rosemary Beach (namely, um, THE BEACH), we would choose the inside of the place we rented.  Obviously.

Before we left for the beach, we had a tiny birthday party for "our little pumpkin's" 2nd birthday.....

Cheesy? Yes. 
Easy to find 1/2 price fall decorations at Hobby Lobby? Why, yes. 
A good excuse to have my favorite cupcakes in the world from Little Cake Bakery?  Oh heck yes.
I feel that AG looks slightly unappreciative of the fact that she can totally rock a tutu and some boots.  Don't think I wouldn't try it myself, if I thought I could get away with it. 

And yes.  Yes, that IS the same shirt in all four pictures.  I know.  I totally need a fashion intervention, due to my tendency to, ahem, recycle my worn outfits all week long.  But guess what?  I'm totally re-wearing an outfit for the THIRD day in a row tonight at a Christmas party. 

Take that, Stacy and Clinton.

(Actually, come to my house and surprise me with a $5,000 gift card.....please?!?)

Okay, moving on to Halloween.  If you're still reading, I totally appreciate your willingness to be in this for the long haul.

I love how AG's all, "Hey! There's a giraffe sitting next to me!"

Unfortunately, when I brought out the "Eat Mor Chikin" sign, she freaked.  "NO, Mommy, I NO WEAR DAT NECKLACE!!!"


She did however agree to hold it for the pictures, after letting me know that next year, her contract would clearly stipulate no necklaces.

We capped off October with a trip to the Varsity.  Because, well, who doesn't love a chili dog and a funny hat?


So, yeah.  Not even into November yet. Don't worry, I'm gonna save that one for later. 

(And by "later," I do not mean mid-January.  I promise.) 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Potty Advice?

Well, not for me.  I'm pretty sure I know how to use the potty already.

(Although, if I didn't, I wouldn't exactly be putting it out there on the blog, now would I?)

I'm about to start potty-training a certain little 2-year old, despite my pediatrician's advice that I should wait until she's 3. 

(Also, despite my deep fear of having to clean up an "accident," and not one of the pee-variety.) 

So, I come to you once again, asking for advice.  And like before, I am not particularly concerned about whether you ARE a mom, and have actually tried said advice.  If you saw it on an episode of Teen Mom, and it looked like a pretty good idea, I'm game.

But I need help.

And probably prayers.

(And maybe some hardcore cleaning products.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patched

Since it's all the rage on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger, I give you....
Our Day at The Pumpkin Patch

aka "It Really Does NOT Take Much To Entertain a Toddler."

Or her parents.

Some of these pumpkins were literally almost bigger than her! 

My girl loves a tractor.  But really, who doesn't?

My favorite moments of the day included this one, where we saw a big pumpkin and thought, OH how cute!  Let's take a family photo with AG sitting on the pumpkin! 

At which point some man yelled into a megaphone, PLEASE STOP SITTING ON THE PUMPKINS.


Also among my favorite moments? Watching my sweet girl hug all the pumpkins. 
(I'm pretty sure they loved it too, though.)

We had a blast, and if you think I didn't walk away with a big 'ol pumpkin pie,
you would be mistaken.

(And if you think that pumpkin pie survived the week at my house, you would probably be mistaken on that one too.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seven Years

I wish I could say that I got all crafty and made this anniversary gift for John.  But I didn't. 

I also wish I could say I had waited until our actual anniversary (today) to give it to him.  But, I ordered it back in August, and managed to wait until, well....August. 

(Clearly, I'm the very picture of patience and restraint.)

(By the way, the gift ISN'T the weird old gasoline/oil/I'm not really sure what they heck they used to put in that can.  Nor is it the drinks bin, or the wooden (sadly leaning to one side, and therefore unusable) table.  I hope that narrows things down for you.)

When I saw this sign on etsy, I was minding my own business, looking for fun pallet creations.  (Clearly after a session of stalking pallet ideas on Pinterest.) 

I didn't actually intend to get my husband an old pallet for our seventh anniversary.  But the words resonated with me immediately, and I just KNEW.  Knew he would love it.  Knew he'd much rather have this than a new watch, or some cuff links, or, oh who am I kidding? 
I would never buy him cuff links. 

When I gave it to him, I had all these plans to write a really meaningful letter about why I chose an old piece of wood as our anniversary present.  But since I basically ripped off the shipping materials and ran into his office with it, that plan didn't really happen.  It was more like, "Hey babe, here's your anniversary gift, yes, I know it's August, yes, I know our anniversary is in October, but look how cool this is, and aren't you glad you have it now?!"


If I had managed to not be myself for a minute, exhibit some restraint, and actually write the letter, I would've told him that it represents exactly how I felt on our wedding day. 

But it also represents a lot more than that.

It represents.....

The day we met.

The day he told me he loved me, and knew that I was going to be his wife.

The day he actually asked me to be his wife.

All the days of our honeymoon.

The day he surprised me with a little puppy we named Jackson.

The day we found out I was pregnant.

The day we watched our daughter come into the world.

And then a whole collection of days in between, spent doing nothing at all, spent acting like total goobers, and spent doing some insanely fun things.  But most importantly, just spent together.

It represents the gift of a life full of "best days I can ever remember." And today I am unbelievably thankful.

Happy seventh anniversary, babe!

Disclaimer: It's no secret that I can really get my mush on, particularly when it comes to my husband.  Sorry for that.  Feel free to go throw up now.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Little Presh!

Dear Ally Grace,

You're two years old today!  I am literally in awe at how fast the past two years have flown by.  You have transformed from a sweet little baby, to an adventurous, hilarious, talkative, and always entertaining little girl.  Your dad and I couldn't possibly be more in love with you if we tried. 

I want you to know what you were like at this age, so here goes:  You're quite the talker.  Girl, you can really get your word on.  (You probably wish mommy would stop getting her word on, am I right?).  You started talking super early, and have been communicating in sentences for awhile.  Like, actual sentences.  Some of my favorite:

"I like cupcakes."  (Well, so do I.  What a coincidence.  I'm sure it has nothing at all to do with the many cupcakes that were stuffed in my mouth while pregnant. Nothing at all.)

"I like a boy."  (Say WHAT?!?!  After I finished passing out, I mentioned this to your dad.  He was not exactly a fan.)

"Happy birthday for Chase." (Daddy is not so much a fan of this either, and would like to know exactly who is this "Chase" character?)

"Mommy hold you."  (You say this when you want me to pick you up.  Which is coincidentally a LOT more often, now that I have back problems.)

"Baby Rhodes rolled over."  (Yes, at least a month ago.  And we are still talking about it.)

"Gooooo, Dawgs, Sic' em.  WOOF, WOOF, WOOF."  (Okay, this may not actually be a sentence.  But you'd better believe I taught my girl to call the Dawgs. One of life's many important lessons.)

"Cookie, cookie, cookie."  (Girlfriend does a perfect impression of Cookie Monster.)

"La, La, La, Luuuuuuuke.  I am your Faaaather."  (A la Chris Farley, in Tommy Boy.  CLEARLY this was none of my doing.  But it's pretty hilarious all the same.)

You are a social butterfly.  You have NO qualms about waving and talking to people....friends, family, waiters, complete and total strangers, and possibly even just randomly yelling "Hey girl!" to people at the park.  (Even when they're not girls.)  One of your favorite things to say is:  "Hey. Whatcha doin'?  My name's Ally Grace. Nice to meet you."  I love your outgoing nature.  You're already confident, and that's one of my greatest desires for you--to have confidence in who you are in Christ.  I pray that every day for you.

Did I mention that you like to talk?  One of your favorite things to do is to repeat what we say.  Here's a conversation we had just the other day:

Mommy:  (while dropping her keys)  Darn it!

Ally Grace:  Darn it!

Mommy:  No, no, Ally Grace....don't say "darn it." 

Ally Grace, "Mommy say it."

Mommy:  Um........

Why are you already smarter than me, little one?

You are obsessed with your "baby Bible."  It's the first thing you want in the morning, and the last thing you want at night.  You may or may not love it more than you love me. 

(Since it's about Jesus, I'm okay with that.)

I haven't been doing the world's best job with the camera lately, but I've been taking some mental snapshots of moments that I want to make sure I don't ever forget:

You and Daddy, dancing in the bathroom to a Zac Brown Band song.

Hugging me through the slats of your crib, first thing in the morning.

Praying together before bed.  (A typical Ally Grace prayer? "Thank you God for mommy, for daddy, for Jackson.  For Man.  (Her little toy man, not actual mankind or anything).  Thank you God for fun.  Thank you for Dubs.  Thank you for Jesus.  AMEN!!!" (said with great flair)

Trying to teach Jackson how to use an iPhone.  (I'm not entirely sure he enjoyed the process).

Sweetly touching and naming every single part of my face.

Snuggling onto my shoulder at night before bed.

Yelling "GO DADDY!" at the top of your lungs, for no reason at all. 

Telling me you're headed to "Costco" when you're pushing your grocery cart around the house.  (Incidentally, this may mean we do sample runs at Costco a little too often.)

I know I could go on and on.  And on.  (Now, where do you get that talking thing from? Hmmm.  So weird.)

I just want you to read this one day and know, without a doubt, that you are completely and unreservedly loved. 

I promise we'll never stop.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Okay, I LOVED reading about all of your favorite items of clothing!  And I realized that I never shared mine......right now, it's a pair of pink cropped jeans.  And before you're all, "Hey Sherri?  The 80's called, and they want their jeans back," I actually purchased them this fall

Although, come to think of it, I did totally rock some turquoise Guess jeans back in the 5th grade. 

(Along with a perm, some rompers, and various other fashion atrocities that should never be named again.) 

Anyway, on a more interesting note.....I've drawn a winner for the giveaway!  My friend, (and pregnancy soulmate) Caroline O, won with the following comment:

My favorite current item in my closet would have to be a new-ish pair of not-so-skinny, skinny jeans. They are cut like skinny jeans, so I feel a little sassy when I'm wearing them, but they are actually more of a relaxed I can eat as many krispy kremes as I want. I know these pants sound too good to be true, but I'm wearing them now and I assure you they are for real. Or I really AM imagining them and THAT'S why the bag boy offered to help me out to my car at Publix today...

Caroline, girl, your comment almost made me fall out of my chair laughing!  Have fun getting your "edit" on. And thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway!

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The "Edit" Experience...and a Giveaway!

Do you have one of those friends who always, always, always looks super cute and put together?  You know, the kind of girl that basically every time you see her, you're all, "I want to look just like that!" 

(Which hopefully you yelled in your head, and not out loud while drooling over her boots.)

I have a friend like this, and her name is Lauren.  And fortunately for me, she actually has her own wardrobe consulting and personal shopping business, Edit by Lauren.  (Not to mention, a super fabulous style blog that's on my daily must-read list.)

(Did I mention that she also had twins 9 months ago, and still hasn't succumbed to any kind of "mom uniform?")

(Unless that mom uniform is an adorable dress, cute jewelry, and fun wedges.)

(In which case, sign me up.)

Last week, I had Lauren come "Edit" my closet.  And let me start off by saying, I consider myself a fairly good purger of junk.  (I am also quite good at collecting it, but that's another story.)  So, honestly, I didn't know how much "editing" we would really be able to do.

Well, we did A LOT.  And y'all?  It. Was. Amazing. So amazing, that I knew I had to blog about it.

So, in no specific order, here are the Top Five Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with Edit (As SOON as You Possibly Can.)

1.  Lauren will help you figure out your style goals.  Mine included things like: "I want to quit wearing gym clothes all day, every day."  Or, "Help me figure out how to wear rolled up boyfriend jeans without looking like a total weirdo."

2.  Hanging out with Lauren is like hanging out with a really fun girlfriend. You know, one who has exceptional style, and isn't afraid to say things like, "I'm sure this short-sleeved jacket with the fur collar was awesome when you got it......but, maybe not so much now." 

(Definitely not so much now. Or probably ever.)

3.  She will help you decide what to give away, consign, or have tailored.  It's just like that Tim Gunn show that I used to love, except I like Lauren even better than Tim Gunn.  Which is saying a lot, because Tim Gunn is pretty darn likable.

4.  Lauren helped me pull some new outfits together using the clothes that I had. Did you hear that, ladies? In about 2 seconds flat, I had at least 5 new outfits, using items I already owned.  (Which is when John became a huge fan of the editing experience.)  Long vest that you're not really sure how to wear?  No problem.  You'll have 3 new ways to wear it within seconds.  Literally.

5.  Lauren helped me identify the "holes" in my wardrobe.  For example, having about 437 different kinds of boots, but no solid cardigans apparently isn't the best style strategy.

(Okay, fine.  I lied. I have a few more reasons to add to the list.  But isn't a top EIGHT list even better than a top 5?  Obviously.) 

6.  Edit offers all kinds of fun services--wardrobe consultation, personal shopping, makeup consultation, and even an "edit" your packing experience.  I may or may not need to try them all....especially the packing one, since I am generally known for having the heaviest suitcase in any given traveling situation.

7.  After your wardrobe consultation, you'll receive a Style File, which basically includes your new outfit options, wardrobe needs (along with specific suggestions and links), and some really fun styling tips.  It's like reading an issue of In Style, that's been tailored specifically for you. 

Um, yes, please.

8.  And here's the biggest reason of all:  Lauren is offering one of you a $100 gift certificate to use toward ANY of Edit's services!  Woo hoo!  All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment telling me about your favorite item of clothing.  Cute, comfy, whatever--what do you love most in your closet? 

Even if it IS a short-sleeved, fur-lined jacket.  I won't tell.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dumpster Diving and Pinterest

I think Pinterest has become a problem in my life. 

Apparently, it's turned me into a weirdo/creeper who dumpster dives for used shipping pallets, so I can get crafty and make those awesome pallet shelves that everyone keeps pinning.

(Except I won't make them.  I'll totally make John do it, because I have a slight measuring aversion, and am not sure my preferred method of "eyeballing it" will work).

(Plus, I also may not know how to work a saw.  That's what boys are for, right?)

Anyway, so I'm driving home from physical therapy, minding my own business, when I notice that a new store moving into our neighborhood has some sweet shipping pallets propped up against the dumpster.

(My teenage self just rolled her eyes at my mom-tastic usage of the word sweet). 

(Also, I techncally didn't have to dumpster dive.  I'm still a dumpster creeper though.)

I pulled up, and pondered just grabbing them and stuffing them in the car.  Ultimately, I decided it looks (a little) less shady if I actually ask for them first.

I go inside, nicely introduce myself to the store owner as a neighbor, and then kindly ask if I can have the pallets out back.

He's all, "You mean the ones in the dumpster?!"  And I'm like, "well, yes, but technically they're not IN the dumpster, they're just kind of leaning....I'm sure they're clean.....ish."

And he's all "o-KAY, whatever floats your boat, weirdo."

Okay, maybe I made up the weirdo part.  But he totally said it with his eyes.

Friday, September 2, 2011

AG's First Haircut

Looking back, I realized that I forgot to blog about a super momentous occasion in AG's life. 

What's that, you ask?  Oh, just her first haircut.  Where she got LAYERS.  And some hair product to "bring out her curls."  She may as well have gotten highlights, and a makeover.  Since she's practically a teenager and all.

Personally, I suffer from "haircut anxiety."  If you ever had a bad, mushroom head-ish haircut in your youth, you totally get what I'm talking about.  You know.  The kind that may or may not have made you call your parents crying, causing them to drive down to Athens, take you to dinner, and reassure you that "it really doesn't look that bad," and "of course you look just like Rachel from Friends." 

And then, "Wait, we thought you didn't watch that kind of smut?" 


So, anyway, we arrived at Pigtails and Crewcuts, at about 11am on a Saturday morning.

Mistake number one. 

It was like a playgroup on steroids, with kids you don't know, and toys that have been touched by half the free world.  I fought the urge to grab some Purell and just squirt it willy-nilly all over the room.

(Okay, no I didn't.  I'm not a germ-freak.  At all.  Which totally could be why we've been to the doctor about 97 times in the past year.)

Anyway......We finally get called, and Ally Grace gets to take her turn in the chair. 

Which was shaped like an airplane.  And was right next to the police car. 

(Which sadly doesn't fit an adult, in case you were wondering.)

The stylist was fabulous, and I have literally never seen someone move so fast.  Cutting toddler hair should probably be an olympic sport, honestly.  And AG was just entranced by some cartoon they had on, barely even noticing that her sweet baby mullet was getting chopped. 

That's some serious "party in the back," my friends.

Oh, baby mullet  We will miss you. 


A little curious George is all it takes.

The finished product.  Mullet-free and proud of it.

They gave us an actual "first haircut" certificate, along with a tiny bag of baby hair.  Which is probably a super sweet and memorable keepsake, that most moms keep forever.  I scanned it so you could see:

(I'm not gonna lie, the bag of hair kinda makes me want to barf.)

(In a sweet, memorable way, of course.)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lately I've Been.....

.....trying to keep up with my almost 2-year old, who, sadly runs faster than me at the moment.

.....hearing the word "mine."  A lot. 

(John's obviously gotten really possessive with his toys.)

(And seriously, all you experienced parents out are you not supposed to laugh when your toddler yells "dat's MINE puzzle!")

(It's pretty effective actually.  I've started yelling, "that's MINE brownie!!" when John tries to grab it from me. Works like a charm.)

......having dance parties in our living room every day.  Which, I'm not gonna lie, is totally fun.  And conveniently, a genius way to wear out the little one. 

(Coincidentally, it's yet another way we've convinced our next-door neighbors that we're crazy.)

......contemplating bangs.  Again.  Seriously, why do I do this?  Every fall, I start thinking, hmmmm.....maybe I need some bangs.  And then I obsess over it for a few days, and then I chicken out.  Do any of you have bangs?  Do you love them, or do they make you crazy? 

.......reading my love my kindle.  If you're looking for a good book to read, go read One Day (the movie's coming out with Anne Hathaway.  SO. GOOD.) 

.......staring jealously at the runners on the treadmills at the gym. 

Which may have caused a couple of them to think I'm a total creeper.

Yelling, "THAT'S MINE TREADMILL!" probably didn't help.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Been Fun, 30

Dear 30,

We had a great year, didn't we?  I have to admit, I wasn't sure about you at first.  From the new wrinkles, to the potentially slowing metabolism, and the extra puffiness under my eyes, I had some serious doubts.

(Not to mention, the getting called "ma'am" by teenagers.  Was that even really necessary?!)

But, you ended up completely winning me over.  After getting carded a few times, ("What's that?  You need to see my ID?  I'm so not at all upset about this!") I figured we were straight.

But I really ended up loving you, because you gave me moments like these with this guy:

What?  Of course we always dress this way. 
We do live in the South.

What? Of course we always dress this way. 
We do live near a Krispy Kreme.

(And if you don't, I am sad for you.)

Yep.  We're nerds.  And by "we," clearly I mean, "me."

And then, dear 30, I loved you even more for giving me moments like these with this girl:

We obviously have a love of strange hats in our family...

...and first birthday parties (not to mention, Georgia football)

...and moments of sheer happiness, like this one, which need no explanation.
I'll take a thousand more, please.

All-in-all, thank you for an amazing year, 30. 
I think you were my best one yet.


Your friend Sherri, who is turning 31 today, and might just have to slap anyone who calls her ma'am in the next 24 hours. 

Or ever again.

You have been warned.

P.S.  31, just so you know, mama's not down with any more wrinkles, cellulite, or eye bags.
You know you wanna stay on my good side. 

I'm watching you.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Month.....

....has been really bad, y'all.  And I'm not gonna lie, I've had a really awful attitude about it.  Without going into too much boring detail, I hurt my back pretty badly.  And the really funny part is that I'm not even sure how I did it.

(Although constantly carrying around a 26 pound toddler probably didn't help.)

So, in light of my current situation, here's a short list for you.

Reasons it Stinks to Lay Flat on Your Back All Day:

1.  When your little presh comes running up to you, wanting to be held, you can't do it.  Or you can try, and look like an 80-year old hunchback in the process. 

She is totally worth every moment of hunched-over-ness. 
Also, please note that the baby mullet finally grew into some sweet pigtails!

2.  You will inevitably cry during tivoed episodes of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. And the Bachelorette.  And maybe, possibly, ONLY HYPOTHETICALLY, Bachelor Pad 2.

(Why, yes.  They were tears of embarrassment.  For everyone on that show.)

3.  I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes to workout.  And I'm fairly positive that it replaces my probable need for a therapist when it comes to stress relief.  So guess what you can't do when your back is hurt? 

Anything involving a workout. 

(Which means Crazy Sherri may have just made an appearance.  John, get excited.)

Disclaimer:  I know that I'm being overly dramatic.  (If you've read this for any amount of time, you probably shouldn't be too surprised.)  And I KNOW that there are SO many worse things that people are going through.  So, I'm going to take my cortisone shot, my prescription for physical therapy, and I'm going to SUCK. IT. UP. 

While watching episodes of Bachelor Pad, of course.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to Our Summer....

Well, since the last time I blogged was approximately 1993, hopefully some of y'all are still around to read this.  Summer has been crazy, crazy....full of work, keeping up with the Bachelorette, and being the last person on earth to discover Pinterest.

(Seriously, how did I not know about this for so long?  Tragic.)

I really can't remember what we've been doing.  Which is just sad.  And probably says something about my memory skills.  So I'm just going to try and cover the last month or so...picture-blog style. 

Get excited, y'all.

We've been going on dates....

Interesting story about this restaurant.  And yes, you may notice that we are sitting on the floor.  Not because we were raised in a barn or anything; they actually TELL you to sit on the floor.  While bellydancers awkwardly dance around your table.  And everyone else is whipping out dollar bills to put in the dancers' waistbands.  Which I couldn't bring myself to do, because I just knew I'd end up accidentally pulling her skirt down or something.  And sweet John wasn't about to risk the wrath of Sherri do that in front of me.

Aw. He's a good one, ladies.

It seems that I enjoy showing my tongue in pictures.  I'm not sure why.
I'm sure there's a name for this condition. 

I'm sure I also deserved John's weirded out look.

Thanks for that, honey.

We've been playing with friends......

AG is nothing if not ladylike and reserved.

We've been trying to get a decent shot of our family without AG making faces taking family pictures.....

It's a shame she's not more expressive.....

Why, I do believe that was an actual eye roll
She's not even two yet. 


(sorry, just couldn't help myself.  You twitter junkies know what I'm talking about.)

We've been celebrating daddies......

....And going to the aquarium....

Now, I'm not gonna lie.  I would've freaked OUT if some man in a weird mask just floated up to me and started gesturing through the window. 

If I was two, I mean. 

Or maybe now.

We've been going the lake with friends....

Couch pictures are always a good time. 
Love how AG's all "Baby Rhodes, you'd better get up off me. For realz."

(Because that's obviously exactly how she normally talks.)

Our annual 4th of July trip looked just a little different this year......

....but taking this little presh to the lake was well worth it, even if I didn't get to sleep in, or drink my coffee and read magazines, or even get a tan.

Well, mostly anyway.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Recommendation

I just found out that one of my very favorite college friends, Russ Masterson, recently published his first book!  It was released from Tyndale House Publishers as an e-book on July 1st.

All I have to say is this......Fists in the air, Bruce!

(Inside joke, sorry to all of you who now think I'm a huge dork.)

(But, if you've been reading this blog, then you should probably already know that.)

(Also, we called Russ "Bruce" in college, which was hysterically funny at the time, for reasons I don't remember anymore.)

Anyway, I'm super excited to read his book, and not just because having a friend who's a published author makes me feel famous.  (Although it does.)  Mostly, I'm excited because I know Russ to be an awesome man of God, and I can't wait to see how God speaks to me through his book.

SO....if you have an e-reader (check), have already finished the Hunger Games trilogy (check-and just kidding, you should totally read this before you read the Hunger Games), and want a really great book to get into next, take a look at the summary below, and GO BUY THIS BOOK!

40 Days without Food: Divine Goodness to a Starving Soul
By Russ Masterson

“I had a college degree, and soon a seminary degree to accompany it, yet I didn’t know where to go or what to do.” Russ Masterson had read and heard about purpose, but didn’t have a clue what his own purpose was. And there was emptiness where there should have been value. As he puts it, “I kept hoping a step would arrive when it was time to lift my foot.”

Disillusioned with his life, as well as with God, he heard this advice: fast from food for 40 days. Faithless and frazzled, Russ accepted the challenge, hoping for direction, reflecting on the past, and wrestling with issues like purpose, faith, and love.

In this book, readers will find a fresh literary voice — an insightful thinker who meets people in their humanity while helping them to see they can be rescued from it. The journey of these forty days without food will help you explore what really matters in life
Available on the Kindle, Nook, and iPad (via the free Kindle app for iPad).