Wednesday, April 28, 2010

32 Reasons I Love This Guy (A Birthday List for My Favorite 32-Year Old)

**Warning:  there is slight mushiness ahead.  If you have a mush-aversion, well, sorry.  I'd suggest you keep reading anyway, because it's not ALL mushy, and now I know you're curious. 

32 Reasons I Love This Guy........

(Um, do I even need to make a list now?  Dang!)

1.  The way he loves this girl.......

2.  And the way he loves THIS girl......

3.  Because the first thing he does when he walks in the door at night is kiss me.

4.  Because the SECOND thing he does when he walks in the door is to go get a spoonful of peanut butter. 

5.  The way he looks in sunglasses. 

(Not sure why MY sunglasses are bigger than my entire face....)
6.  The way he looks in glasses in general.

7.  Okay, just the way he looks in general!  Fine, you got me, I'm superficial.  He's hot!

8.  He's at least as smart as I am.  Possibly more so.  But I did beat him in Catch Phrase twice this weekend, so.........

9.  Because he hates to lose at anything.  And I'm a sucker for a competitive drive.  Not because I have one or anything.  Nope, that's definitely not it.  I don't know what you're talking about.

10.  Because when we brought Ally Grace home from the hospital, he got up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I had to feed her in the middle of the night.  For realz.  Sorry to any men out there who now have to step it up.  (But not really.  Because you should get up and help your poor wife who just went through some serious pain to bring your sweet baby into the world. Not that I have an opinion on the matter.)

11. Because he survived the Year of the Hormones, aka Sherri's pregnancy.

12.  And he never made me feel anything less than beautiful.....

13.  In spite of the fact that I was huge, bloated, a raging sugar addict, and may or may not have acted crazy most some of the time.

14.  Because he lets Jackson chase him around the house everyday.

15.  Because one day it'll be Jackson AND Ally Grace chasing him around the house everyday.

16.  Because he is decisive.  (Which is good, because I am not.  Am I?  I'm not sure. Bahahahahaha.  Sorry.)

17.  Because when we first met, he remembered what I was wearing, (although he's color blind, the shirt was red, not pink).

18.  Because he smells amazing.....

19.  And he's an awesome kisser. (EW! Oh no, she didn't.....oh yes, she did.)

20.  Because he is literally the most fun person I know.  And I know lots of really fun people.

21.  He knows all the lines in Dumb and Dumber.

22.  And every Pearl Jam song ever made. Which I like to give him a hard time about, but secretly think is cute.

23.  Because there isn't a bear, shark, nature, science, planet, or reptile show on tv that he won't watch.  And know more about the subject than the actual host of the show. 

Which I like to give him a hard time about, but secretly think is really cute.

24. Because he is really good at keeping me calm on airplanes in case I have a giant panic attack bit of anxiety.

25. Because he sends me on scavenger hunts in the middle of nowhere places like Sandersville, and makes me humiliate myself at every fast food restaurant in town by forcing me to say things like "don't I have a fine badonkadonk" to get my next clue. 

Oh yes.  He did.

26. Because he will tickle-scratch my feet at night, even when I say annoying things like "PLEEEEEEASE tickle-scratch me" while wildly shaking my foot, just in case his two-second pause meant that he was stopping.

27. Because last night, when our power was out and we were trying to sneak into AG's room to unplug her lamp, and I may have possibly gotten the giggles, instead of trying to help me get myself back under control, he started air-dancing in the middle of her room.  And I may have lost it.

28.  Because he is annoyingly good at almost everything he tries.  Seriously, annoyingly good.  Well, except iphone Monopoly and catch-phrase, at which I am clearly better. 

29.  Because he loves surprises.

30.  Because he doesn't get mad at me for trying to ruin figure out  his surprises.

31.  Because AS OF TODAY he's 3 years older than me (at least for the next 3 months).

32.  Because he loves Jesus more than me, Ally Grace, Jackson, peanut butter, tickle-scratching, nature shows, surprises, and Pearl Jam.

And that's reason enough all by itself.

Happy Birthday, BJP!

(Nope, I'm not saying what that stands for, because it may or may not be embarrassing a secret.) 

(Although you can feel free to guess.)

(But you will be wrong.)

(And no, it's nothing inappropriate!  Get your minds out of the gutter).


Bagwell's said...

I had the most inappropriate guess so I am glad that is wrong.

Happy Birthday to your main squeeze!

Sherri, I am laughing and crying good tears all at once. You are too funny and your marriage and adoration for your hubby is so admirable - I'm glad we get to be friends with people that like each other so makes life better! Enjoy his birthday and still make him tickle your feet.

Melanie said...

Such a sweet and hilarious post! :) Happy Birthday to your sweet husband. I love this idea and may have to steal it on my hubby's bday!

Have a great week!

Brooke said...

Cute. I'm gagging. But cute.
Happy Birthday to your baby daddy!

Kiera said...

Blue Jamin' Pole (as in he Polish...)
Big Jokin' Pieface
Bon-e-fide Juice Person
Bowling Jack Pack
Beautiful Jelly Preacher
okay I got nothin' but wanted to try...

Jessica said...

This is adorable! Love, love, love it. He is a rock star and you deserve every wonderful thing on this list.

I made Chris a similar list for our six-month dating anniversary (I was 19). I shudder to think of the stupid things I probably wrote! Guess that list has grown a bit since 2002!

The Parkers said...

Okay so you made it completely impossible for any girl to now just post a simple "Happy Birthday, I love you!" Love it....and love your blog! :)

John Dickens said...

I LOVE MY WIFE!!!! Thank Babe.

carolineo said...

Love this post girl!! I agree with the comments above- now you have raised the bar... I think I might need to start planning now for a certain september birthday :)