Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas (Almost)

Okay, Christmas.  Let's do this.  I'm ready to recap. 

(Actually, let's just pretend that it's still the week before Christmas, okay?  Then, I could actually feel like it's not shameful to still have my tree up and the stockings still hung.  Or to still be listening to Christmas music on Pandora.)

(NOT that I'm doing that or anything.  And I promise that I didn't leave my tree up til February last year.)


For me, Christmas of 2010 will always be remembered as the Christmas of "Holy cow, HOW much did we just spend on babysitters?!"  I may be quitting my job to start babysitting.  Because y'all? They make a small fortune.  It's a pretty sweet deal.  You know, except for the watching other people's kids part.  I'm not sure I could do that.

Oh, just kidding.  Mostly.

Anyway on to Christmas!  I have decided to tell about our month using pictures, because my poor mind can't remember that far back, plus it's easier.  Win-win.

We started off the month with Kristin's graduation party. 

It appears that I enjoy highlighting my noodle arms in silly pictures. 
Or maybe just in any picture.

Next up, the Nelson's Christmas party, which had a Christmas Vacation theme....for the boys only.
Awesome.  I am all about getting cute, while the boys humiliate themselves entertain us with their outfits.

All the girls....Jenny looked so good that Aspen tried to kiss her in the middle of the picture!
Someone's getting fresh!
Also, someone just said "fresh," like she's about 70 years old.

(Let's overlook that, shall we?)

I really wish John would just come out of his shell a little more.
He clearly has a tendency to be shy.

Next up, my old small group's annual Christmas brunch. AG got in on the photo action.

(Girlfriend can seriously point her toes, am I right?)

A then, a few days before Christmas, Jenny's 30th (shhhhh!) birthday surprise at Cocktails and Canvas:

John's apron was a tad on the short side....just trying to keep him appropriate.
(At which I have lots of experience)

Action shot with the birthday girl--pictures are so much more fun with your mouth hanging open.

So, our friends Brooke and Cole, had to leave early.  They asked us to finish their paintings.
The girls were mature, and finished Brooke's photo just like we were supposed to:

The boys on the other hand......

....turned Cole's black lab into a rather disturbing cross between a penguin and a vampire.
A venguin.
Or a pampire.
Yes, I will stop now.

(They've clearly been watching too much Twilight).

Wow.  That took longer than I thought, and I'm not even through Christmas morning....and since I have about 34,000 pictures of THAT, I'll save it for the next blog post.  And just wait til I post about New Years....

I am all about a cliffhanger.  

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lindsay said...

haha im just a stalker but im a babysitter and what you said about babysitting is so funny but so true. i make so much money babysitting! haha too funny!