Monday, February 7, 2011

Lately... life has been nuts.  Seriously, nuts.  Think, a little something like this:

....wake up....feed AG, play with AG while negotiating three different contracts for three different clients....try to sufficiently wear AG out so she will nap longer than 5 minutes (unlike today), work, work, throw about 15 loads of laundry in at once in an effort to save time.....clean up the toys in the living room for the 14th time in one day, while wondering when AG will start to understand the concept of "helping mommy cleanup".....try to figure out dinner for AG....wonder if string cheese and chicken nuggets will cut it....again. Put her to bed.....try to figure out dinner for us.....wonder if string cheese and chicken nuggets will cut it...again. Fall on the couch in sheer exhaustion and decide to zone out in front of an episode of Hellcats.....(it's the Vampire Diaries of 2011.  At least for me). 

Are you jealous?  Yeah, didn't think so.  And any ideas on how to clone yourself? 

I did actually make it to a Superbowl Party last night.  Apparently, I was a Steelers fan, thanks to an extra jersey that Kristin brought me.  And the fact that I liked their colors better.  Which is a totally appropriate way to decide which team to root for.

Also, I hate the word root.  It reminds me of high school, where NO LIE, someone decided it was cool to start saying "Oh my root" instead of "oh my gosh." 

And by someone I do NOT mean me. 

(And I would never admit it if it was.)

(Although it wasn't.)


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