Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Office Mate

Did I mention that I have a new office mate?

(He's kind of weird, but he's also pretty cute, so I guess he can stay.)

Clearly, I am so busy and important, with many files to staple.
While my arm is at a really awkward angle.

Of course.
When we found out in December that John was going to be working from home, people immediately started asking me things like:

"Oh, won't that be AWFUL?"  

"But he'll be around ALL DAY!"

"He'll be watching everything you're doing.!"  (WHAT?!  You mean he'll know that I'm in sweats all day?! He'll see that I eat a mid-morning breakfast of brownies?!  He'll know that I watch episodes of Teen Mom 2 during lunch?!?)

But you know what?  I married a guy that I LOVE to be around.  As much as possible.  So it's literally been awesome.

(Despite the fact that he asks me to dial phone numbers for him about 97 times a day.)

(Or the fact that, since the trashcan is on my side of the office, he asks me to throw things away for him about 97 times a day.)

(Does that make me a secretary/janitor?  I may need a raise.)

(Or the fact that we actually fought over the tape dispenser's placement in the room last week.)

(Or the fact that I just noticed that said tape dispenser has magically made it's way onto my desk......hmmmmmmm.) 

But still.  Mostly awesome.  On a different note, Ally Grace is going to fly on an airplane for the very first time tomorrow morning!  I'm pretty sure it's a toss-up over who's going to freak out more:  me or her. 

(Never mind, that's easy.  It's definitely going to be me. John may or may not have his hands full.)

Feel free to pray for us. 

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Lauren said...

You and your man are about the cutest couple in cyber-space, Sherri! I used to share a cubicle with my husband, and I totally loved it! He, however, had a different opinion about it....probably because he stays on task way better than I do! :) Love your blog!
Lauren Dooley