Monday, December 14, 2009

Are you SERIOUS??

Can someone please tell me why my baby has decided that A) she hates her carseat, and B) she will not tolerate a nap?

Seriously, we were doing so well! WHAT is the problem? I need mommy-advice ASAP!


Jill said...

I have NO advice, but I had the exact same day today. My girl screamed most of her naps away today AND the one car ride we did. Here's to a good glass of wine tonight and a new start tomorrow...will check back on your blog for advice from experienced Moms. =)

Bagwell's said...

Oh Sherri, isn't it true...once you get it down they change! I can't keep up! Brooks used to LOVE his seat too and now he tries to crawl out. I try to save his favorite toy (or a piece of paper or spoon or some keys) for the card ride. I mean, do they need personal dvd's already? On car rides I sit with Brooks and play Baby einstein on Brad's iphone just for a little sanity! I hope she falls back into her rhythm. I'll be home Saturday for 2 weeks and hope to see you!