Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've Been Had

AG=Master Manipulator at the age of 10 weeks. I'm serious. This girl has skillz. (Yes, with a z.)

As mentioned before, she is on napping strike. And mommy has had to get some tough love going on up in here. (Wow, how dorky did that sound? I promise not to say that ever again).

Anyway, baby girl will scream like she's in severe pain, until the moment I enter the room. Then she's all, look how cute I am mommy! I'm smiling at you. Don't you want to pick me up and play with me, or better yet, feed me? And I'm all, "Okay, I'm gonna be strong.....oh LOOK at my precious girl smiling at talk, baby talk, baby talk."

I'm telling ya....she's good. Watch out dad, you are in SUCH trouble with this one.

(Yes, that IS a dirty diaper in the corner. Just for you, readers, just for you.)

We just went on a serious kamikaze shopping experience at the mall--I basically ran around trying to grab presents for everyone on my list in less than an hour. Now I am recovering with some iced sugar cookies that I BOUGHT FOR MYSELF (who does this?) from Cheryl & Co. Betsy, this is your fault girl, b/c when I read about them on your blog, I immediately browsed on over to their website and sent myself a little present. In the form of more cellulite on my thighs.

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Bagwell's said...

Oh Sherri! We were sent 30 and I have eaten 25 of them. Today I had some girls over and put the last 5 out hoping someone else would enjoy the calories. They ate 2! So, I just ate 2.5 more. Brad hasn't even tasted one yet.....
Aren't they worth it?

Plus, I justify every bite by saying that I am nursing and baby needs some calories! HELLLPPPP.