Monday, March 28, 2011

18(ish) Months

Well, it's happened again.  Let's not act surprised though, shall we?  I mean, it was only a matter of time til I blog-slacked. Again.  And the sad thing is, I have SO MANY INTERESTING THINGS TO SAY.


But I do have things to say.  So, that'll work, right?

Let's hope.

First and most importantly, Ally Grace is (nearly) 18 months old!  And I am actually hitting a milestone that most moms blog about, instead of something random like 13.3 months and six days.

Dear Ally Grace,

You're so much fun these days!  You're also super exhausting these days.  Or maybe it's the pollen.  Or maybe it's the blood sugar crash that I have after downing a bag of truffles.  One or the other.

You're obviously such a tomboy.  If only we could get you to like girly things.
Oh wait.

I love, love, love hearing you call out for "mama" and "daddy."  You also love to say "mere."  Which I've decided is baby talk for "come here."  You like to deviously distract me from diaper changes by sweetly holding out your arms and saying "mere, mama."  It makes me hug you about 17 times per diaper change. 

So, it's totally working for you, girl.

Your favorite toys are still your "book-uhs."  You will literally scream for your "book-uh" the MOMENT I get you up in the morning, and dissolve into the cutest tears ever if I don't get it for you right away.  I thought about getting you a baby kindle, but I'm not sure they make those.

I'm also not sure you can actually read, so....

Your other favorite toy is your "dub-uh duh."  Aka, the bunny that you sleep with every night.  I've nicknamed him Dubs (like the ghetto fabulous baby toy that he clearly wants to be). 

You've started putting sentences together, which always stops us in our tracks.  The other day, you said "that's my daddy."  And then, "I want my mama."  And we were all, DID YOU HEAR THAT?!!?!?!  SHE IS A BABY GENIUS. 

Apparently we have a tendency to get overexcited. 

Future fashionista on board! 

One of your favorite words is a very emphatic "NO!"  Clearly John says that too much, and totally needs to work on this. 

(Okay, fine. Maybe that's me.  But in my defense, what else are you supposed to say to the toddler who's trying to help you unload the butcher knife from the dishwasher? Or just the toddler who's ripping apart my US Weekly?  I rest my case.)

You are honestly the sweetest, smiliest, happiest little girl, and we could NOT possibly love you more.
Unless you managed to potty-train yourself.  I might love you just a little bit more if you could do that.  

Happy 17 month and 20th day birthday....oh wait.....

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Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

Okay, so you have two choices. Either pay for a therapist for me, or blog more. You pick :) Happy almost 18 month birthday Ally Grace! Your mama is a flipping hoot!