Thursday, March 3, 2011

Decide for Yourselves.....

You decide....cute or scary?

(And by scary, I'm not referring to the freakishly long nature of my toes.)

(Or the fact that I'm supposed to be working, and instead am taking pictures of my scary finger-toes and putting them on the world-wide web.)
Also, I'll give you a helpful hint, just like I do with John sometimes:  I'm only looking for opinions that will  tell me this is cute.  Because it's too late.  It's like asking, "What do you think of my new bangs?"  Because if anyone says something like, "wow, that's really only a look that Heidi Klum can pull off," you might find it slightly to very upsetting.

So.  Just tell me the green toes are cute, and not as Jolly Green Giant as they appear at the moment.  Definitely do not tell me that 30-year old mothers shouldn't wear green toenail polish. 

Even if it may or may not be true. 


Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

okay i am your foot twin. The little girls I nannyed for in Athens called them finger toes and made everyone at the Athens Country Club pool look at my toes every day of the summer. They were fascinated. And as for the green. hmmm. I bet your bangs are awesome though :)

Bagwell's said...

Is this for St. Patty's Day?

Kiera Chambers said...

I say you can wear whatever color on your toes that you want...I do...polish color on toes has no age limit...maybe I'm just saying that because I'm 33 and wear bright green polish also...I had orange on in October and then painted little jack-o-lantern faces on the my 'thumb toes'...what my son calls the big toe!...did stripped orange and rusty color for Nov, kiwi green and red for Dec...have fun, they're TOES!