Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break

So, my girl is on a little spring break trip this week.  Yes.  Apparently toddlers get a spring break.  And NO.  It's not so she can go visit Club La Vela or anything like that.

I hope.

John and I have had the unusual experience of being kid-free for the last few days, and we've had a great time. Although it's clear that we've forgotten what it's like to be without her.  Here's a conversation we had the other day:

Me:  Hey babe, let's go on a run together!

John:  Okay, great.

Me:  (while huffing and puffing, and trying to keep the 3 Peeps I ate before leaving the house down.  Peeps.  Always a good idea, am I right?)  Babe!  When I said "run together" I meant at my pace.  NOT your freakish 6 minute mile pace. 

John:  (annoyingly barely out of breath) Sorry!  So what do you want to do tonight?

Me:  Hmmmm.....maybe grab dinner and then watch some tv. (See how exciting we are?)  I wonder what Ally Grace is doing right now?  

John:  I know!  Remember that funny thing she said last week?  

Me:  She's just the best.

John:  Really the best.

Me:  Can we go get her yet? 

(Possibly followed by a small crying fit and some highly dramatic statements about never being away from her again.)

(John really needs to learn how to hold it together.)

Our kid-free time should involve things like movies, dinners out AFTER 6pm, and just generally doing whatever we want, but totally ends up involving conversations about AG and how much we miss her.

(Although I have enjoyed sleeping in til 8:30 every morning (woo! watch out!).  And we did manage to go out for some fun dinners.  WITHOUT a diaper bag and a sippy cup in tow.)

We also saw 21 Jump Street last night.  WHY do movie people take movies that have the potential to be awesomely funny, and then trash them with vulgar gross-ness that ultimately makes me want to throw up in my mouth?

(Not a fun experience when eating Junior Mints. Just sayin.)

On a different note, HGTV came to our house last week for our first day of filming!  I wish someone had reminded me about my tendency to sweat when I get nervous, because that certainly would've affected my shirt choice.  Ahem.

Hi America.  Enjoy my armpit rings, will you?  
You're welcome.

Also, I really think the producers and film crew appreciated my obsession with their "clacker-thingy."

For the record, they don't call it "clicking the clacker-thingy."  Just in case you were wondering.  Although they will, very graciously, allow you to play with it off and on all day.  Clearly not annoying at ALL, I'm sure.


It was a fun day, followed by a crazy weekend of completely clearing out our basement for the show.  Also known as the Weekend that Sherri Spent Making Her Back Problems Worse.  Alternately titled, Hi Goodwill, Here Are Two Trailer Loads of Fun For You.

At least we know we are loved by our wonderful families, who helped us without complaining, and only required an ample supply of sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches.   Y'all are the best!

I'm thinking that's enough rambling for one day. You're welcome. And Happy Easter everyone!  I'd highly recommend enjoying some Peeps this weekend.

Just not before running.


Stephanie said...

I. Can. Not. Wait. To see your HGTV debit! I bet they'll make you co-host of some really cool show after they find out how awesome you are :) and I live me some peeps... People at work are always hatin' on my sugar addictions but it's hard to walk by the Easter candy on the way back to the pharmacy and not give in!!

PS - I don't run, so I never have that problem. You should try it! Haha

Erika Trevathan said...

My husband and I do the same thing when we have a date night. We start out talking about non-kid related things but we always find ourselves wondering what the kids are doing or laughing about something they said or did. You are not alone in that!!:)

AnnieBlogs said...

Club La Vela joke? Fantastic. :)