Friday, June 1, 2012

Disclaimer and Disney

I'd like to post a disclaimer about the post I wrote yesterday......Ally Grace is actually doing pretty well with this whole potty-training business, and there is a slight to very strong chance that I have a tendency to be just the tiniest bit dramatic.

Don't act like you're surprised.

In all fairness, at this point, any accidents she's having are pretty much our fault, as we seem to have something against staying at home.  As evidenced by the fact that we've been constantly on the go for the last week.   It hasn't been the best time in our lives to do a potty-training lock-in, so we're just trying to roll with it and do the best we can.

(In all seriousness though, if you have some wisdom, tips, or a free pony you would like to allow us to use as a potty-training bribe, I'd love to hear about it.)

In other news, we're taking Ally Grace to Disney World!  Also known as, Sherri's Idea of Torture, and Hey, Didn't I Vow NOT to Do This Until She Was Old Enough Drive Herself To Orlando?

John has to be in Orlando for work, so free hotel = great time to visit the happiest place on earth.

(Which is obviously the lululemon outlet, but I guess we'll try to hit the Magic Kingdom too.)

So far, we've made a few key errors in our planning:

Error #1:  It's June. Kids are OUT OF SCHOOL.  Where do you think all those kids are gonna want to go?

Probably not the lulu outlet.

Error #2:  Last week, I thought to myself, aw, wouldn't it be so cute to take AG to that princess tea party thing in Cinderella's castle?  Allow me to consult the Internet, because I'm sure I should get a reservation ahead of time.

Why yes, I should have.  SIX MONTHS AGO.

Now we're basically spending her college fund to go have tea with the Disney princesses at the Grand Floridian.

Because who needs a college degree, when you can have a commemorative picture with Cinderella instead?
(I'm totally kidding. No college funds were harmed during the scheduling of this trip. But it was close.)

Error #3:  We don't really have a plan.

Which is where you come in.  I need advice!  I'm feeling overwhelmed, and I would love any tips on fun things to do at Disney, or just in Orlando in general.  There will be several days where John has to work, so I'd love to take AG to do some fun mommy-daughter outings.

(Besides the lulu outlet, which is clearly our first stop.)

So, advice please.  What are the fun rides?  What are the rides that will make me want to poke my eyes out?  Are there any Disney "party fouls" that you made, and which you would nicely like to help us avoid?
Did any of the Disney characters freak your kids out? More importantly, did any of the Disney characters freak YOU out?

And finally, Error #4:  Do you know why all the books tell you to stay home when you're potty training?  Because of people like us, who think it's a good idea to take their semi-potty trained child to Disney.

In other words, crazy people.

I'm sure our fellow park-goers will appreciate us.

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Jessica said...

My friend runs this website, if that helps: GOOD LUCK!!! :)