Monday, November 12, 2012

Announcement and a Giveaway!

I have a big announcement to make today, guys.  And no, it doesn’t involve an ultrasound, a big sister t-shirt, or any “bump ahead”/”bun in the oven” jokes.  

(Just need to put that out there, since I know that's where your minds went. Admit it.)

As many of you know, I’ve been working as a Realtor for the last six years.  It’s been a true adventure, and I have (mostly) loved the challenge of growing my business during a down economy. I learned quite a bit about being a business owner, not to mention, gained some wonderful clients and friends in the process.  

With that said, I’ve been given the opportunity to change directions, and do something so awesome, that when I first heard about it, I thought, "how do I find a job like that?!"   You may remember my post last year about my friend Lauren, and her wardrobe consulting company, Edit By Lauren.  She came to my house, edited my closet, and we had SO MUCH FUN.  Well, you can imagine my excitement when Lauren recently offered me a job with Edit!  My role will be to help manage and grow her Atlanta office, and assist with Edit’s expansion into the Nashville market.

There are many ways in which this job is perfect for me:
1.  My friends and family have asked me for years to go shopping with them or help them create looks, because, somehow, I’ve tricked them into thinking I’m stylish.   

2.  I am borderline obsessive about purging junk from our house, and the closet is my specialty.  When I was pregnant with AG and went through the “nesting” phase, I never actually came out of it.  I feel that I should use my insane organization compulsion for the greater good, and not for, say, getting rid of John’s stuff simply because it’s been scattered across the closet floor for the last 3 months. 

You know. Hypothetically.

3.  Perhaps I can now turn my love of clothes and shopping into something other than a reason to A) get in fights with my husband, or B) hear the phrase “now, WHY did you need that again?"

4.  This will probably be the push I need to dress like, oh I don’t know, a responsible adult, instead of wearing gym clothes all day, every day. Don’t hate, people.  I actually have some really cute outfits. But would YOU rather run up and down your driveway 10 times in a row just because your toddler thinks it’s fun, while wearing  heels or while wearing tennis shoes?  Exactly.  Either way, I’m excited to join the ranks of Women In Real Clothes everywhere.  

Although I may need lessons on running in heels.

Now.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Wow Sherri, this sounds great!  What exactly will you be doing?” 

I am SO glad you asked! Here’s a snapshot of the services I’ll be offering:

  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • 3 hour consult, after which you will walk away with tons of new outfit options from pieces you already own.  Husbands REALLY like this.
  • Personal Shopping
  • We’ll hit up the mall, Starbucks in hand, and visit stores you like, that are within your budget. I’ll be the shopping buddy you always wanted, and will tell you the HONEST truth about whether you should purchase those camouflage hammer pants.  (I'm just kidding.  I'd never actually let you get near any camouflage hammer pants.)
  • Virtual Styling
  • Styling Consultation via Skype--Even though I know I look like a total goober on Skype, I’m game if you are!
  • Custom Packages
  • Styling for a special event, packing for a trip, or picking out some killer outfits for your high school reunion.  You know....the one your ex-boyfriend is also attending.  Things like that.

Awesome! So how can I help support you, Sherri?

Aw, you’re so sweet.  Spread the word!  And listen, I know you guys would do this because you are all kind and awesome, but here’s some extra incentive:  For each new client you send my way, I will send you a $50 Amex gift card!  
Oh yeah.  Now you’re talking.  Anything else you want to tell us?
Yep.  You know it.  I’m offering a deal exclusively for new clients who schedule an appointment between now and December 31st, 2012 :
  • Introductory Special: $195 for a Wardrobe Consult (regularly $295) through December 31st. My shopping services are also discounted to $50/hour (regularly $100/hour) for this limited time. Tell your husbands to book a session as a Christmas gift!  Or buy a gift card for your mom/mother-in-law.  Edit has plenty of male clients as well, so don’t leave the men in your life out!  *The special price applies to all services scheduled before the end of the year; they can be redeemed at a later date.

But, Sherri, what if we’re a little nervous?  I mean, we’ve seen you at the park, and we know you wear spandex. Not to mention, you apparently think cowboy boots can be worn with almost anything.  How do we know that we can trust your fashion judgement? 

Well, you don’t.  Yet.  But here’s the deal:  Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be kicking off a weekly style segment on the Edit blog, called The Closet Project.  Essentially, I’ll be conducting an “edit” of my own closet, and pulling together outfits using items I already own; an Edit specialty, and one of the primary goals of our wardrobe consultations. There are going to be some hardcore rules and I’ll be ruthless about what stays and what goes. 

Ruthless, I tell ya.

Mark your calendars and be sure to check it out on the Edit blog tomorrow. I’ll be posting outfits to Instagram and Twitter (@sherridickens), so make sure you follow me on those sites as well.  And while you're at it, you should definitely follow Edit By Lauren on Facebook and Twitter.  Definitely.

Wow, Sherri, you're getting kinda bossy. 

I know, I know. Sorry about that! But it's for your own good.  You'll thank me later.

Alright, we'll trust your judgement.  What else should we know?

Just one more thing.  I’m giving away a free wardrobe consultation!  All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment describing your fashion style in one word (or two or three, I’m not picky).  For additional entries, tweet this post, like it on Facebook, or mention it on  your own blog. (And make sure to leave a comment telling me you did!).

By the way, feel free to tell me that you think this is awesome, you’re so excited about it, or that you can’t wait to read The Closet Project.  

(Sherri, you’re kinda putting words in our mouths, okay?)

Well, I  have been writing your questions for you.  



The Denbow Family said...

Underwhelming.......that's my word! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!! Did a blog post and shared on Facebook!!!!

Anna H. said...

Cute and comfy (is that a thing???)

Anna H. said...

Oh, and I liked your comment on Facebook! I would be super excited to have a post-baby shopping extravaganza!!!!!

Faris Connor said...

Boring and random!

Unknown said...

I'm a newlywed...of over 19 years. My Bride would love (and would tell you she NEEDS) a wardrobe consultation. Her 17 & 13 year old daughters would BEG for her to let you go on a shopping spree with her. I would tell you that I think she's smokin' hot no matter what she wears.

Great site. Great concept. My great wife would be a perfect fit. I'd Facebook this and tweet it out, but I would love to surprise her with this instead. Hopefully that's worth a few extra additional entries.

Andersons5 said...

Needs updating! I was stylish in 1999...I think.

Andersons5 said...

Outdated. I was stylish back in 1999...I think.

Andersons5 said...

Outdated. I was stylish back in 1999...I think!

Andersons5 said...

Outdated. I was stylish back in 1999...I think!

JenP said...

Comfy! Anything that I don't mind getting dirty (or sweaty) in. So happy for you and your new opportunity!

Boy Family said...

Can't wait for The Closet Project; it's much needed in my house. So happy for you and Lauren. I desperately need wardrobe help... My closet is "diverse" right now and it's a super bad thing!

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Covered in Spit-Up.


Pick Me! Did a blog post too :)

Jennie said...

my wardrobe?? boring and safe....congrats to you, Sherri! So exciting - maybe you could travel here and kick off Nashville my my "boring and safe" closet?!

Chunky Monkey said...

"second-hand"- most of my clothes have been passed down to me because I don't have the energy to shop with 3 kids.
Sherri, this really is the perfect job for you because while you do love some sweatpants, you rock really great outfits and have fantastic style!

Chunky Monkey said...

"second-hand"- most of my clothes were passed down to me because I don't have the energy, time or money to shop with 3 kids!
Sherri, this really is the perfect job for you because while you love sweatpants, you rock great outfits and have fantastic style!

melbelle said...

"Yoga pants" is my "style." Please come to Nashville and help me! :) said...

Hey Sherri,

I love reading about your new role - It's so inspiring! Good for you for moving on from real estate. I 'm ready too. I would describe my style right now as an "Old Navy train wreck!" :) Help!

Hannah Parker

Joanna said...

My friend Kelly posted about your giveaway and I follow the Edit blog. My wardrobe can be described as "conservative". Too conservative . . . I'm ready for a change to balance between work and the weekend.

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

"coveredinbabyspitup." That or "easytopopoutaboob." Everything fits into that category. Sigh. Congrats to you! Confession time: I love your clothes but I love love your hair :) I have forever had Sherri hair envy. Can you include hair "how-to" in a wardrobe consult :)

Cristin said...

Comfy and plain jane! I would love a wardrobe makeover!!

Cristin said...

Comfy and Plain jane..I would love a wardrobe makeover!!

Robin Grace Johnsey said...

trying my comment again! And describing my style as dying a slow death. Determined to "revive" it! Would LOVE to learn from you!

Lauren said...

Hi Sherri! I have so been a longtime fan or your blog AND Edit by Lauren, so the combo is just too much for me to handle!
My wardrobe is desperately frumpy!! A lot happens after being overseas for 2 years and having 2 kids. Me and my muffin top are trying real hard to keep up!! HELP! Orlando is calling!
Lauren Dooley

Stephanie said...

OH MY GOSH! Congrats! I would LOVE to have a COOL job I'm passionate about one day... Lucky you! I would be SO embarassed if you saw my closet - I actually keep meaning to go buy more scrubs so I have more "outfits" to wear to work. I'm so boring! (P.S. CVS doesn't even WANT their pharmacists to wear scrubs, I think I just look so pitiful in my dress attire they agree I look more professional in the scrubs, aka medical field sweat suit)

Cooper Family said...

Anthropologie!! My favorite store too :) But its got to be comfortable as well!
I've also posted a link on my blog! So excited for you and Lauren!!