Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Torpedo

Okay, I said yesterday I would post some belly photos--aka, "my belly has started to torpedo out at a rate I didn't think was possible" photos.

Here's Ally Grace and her weird to say that! I tried to get her to give him a little love tap while he was down there, but I think she was snoozing.

This picture's kinda blurry, but I secretly just wanted you to see the cute new curtains we were hanging in our dining room.....actually, not so secretly now that I told you! The belly's got a definite watermelon point, vs. the rounded beach ball tummy.....nice!

Because we are totally THOSE people, I had to include a picture of our "son." He was only a puppy in this one, but I found it over the weekend, and needed to share. Jackson's still just as big of a snuggler, but about 70 lbs heavier than he was in this photo. Quite interesting when he tries to lay in your lap. (You other dog people totally understand, while you non-dog lovers think I'm a freak.)

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