Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jenga, Lucky Charms, and How the Heck Do Pregnant Women Put Their Tennis Shoes On?

This week has gotten away from me already...I can't believe it's Wednesday! Tomorrow, we're headed up to Lake Rabun with our small group for the 4th of July, which I'm super excited about! Our friends, Cole and Brooke, are so gracious and have invited us to their beautiful lake house for lots of holidays over the last few years....we always have a blast! This was the group over Memorial Day weekend, playing a game that was, of course, devised by boys who pretty much cannot sit still for 5 minutes without making up some kind of competition....a.k.a., our husbands.

Case in point, after this rousing game of "Keep the Balloon from Hitting the Floor With Your Fake Maraca, But No One Can Hit the Same Balloon Twice," (which was actually played with balloons we put out for Brooke's birthday party), the boys broke off for a rowdy Jenga competition....that's right, Jenga. Haven't seen anyone play that since about 1992, but it was a surprisingly nail-biting game. Nail-biting for the ladies, because it was decided that the wife of the husband who lost would have to pick up all 35,000 pieces....thanks for volunteering us, husbands!

(As you can see, the tower DID get really tall....tall enough that our husbands were looking up the World Record for Jenga Tower Height...I'm serious.)

Anyway, this weekend, I'm sure we're up for some other fun competitions....since some of our friends are bringing their little babies, these competitions might involve games like: "Who Can Diaper Baby Fastest?" Or, the ever popular "Which Guy Can Get Baby to Burp the Loudest?" Finally, my personal favorite (and this has actually been played in the past), "Who Can Throw the Lounge Chair the Farthest From the House?" In all honesty, the guys are hilarious and we love to watch them compete!

So about 3 months ago, I ambitiously signed up for the Peachtree Road Race, thinking, so what if I'm 7 months pregnant? I'll be able to run it! Ummmmm,, I've downscaled my plans to include the Rabun Ramble 5k, which I will likely have to walk. My doctor said it best when she told me that most of her runner patients kept running until they started peeing in their pants on their runs. Not really anxious to experience that one, so I might just keep it to a walk (or maybe a jog/walk....we'll see how it goes!).

I did finally have my glucose test on Monday, so hopefully my results will be normal.....I will tell you this, if they're not, I live with Mr. Sugar Police, and you won't see me with ANYTHING sugar-related for the rest of the pregnancy...he'll make sure of it! And speaking of sugar, I had one of my strongest cravings so far the other day....I was in our local Target, just minding my own business, when all of a sudden this JUMBO box of Lucky Charms basically just jumped into my cart. How did THAT happen? Now, I haven't had Lucky Charms since 11th grade cheerleading camp at GA Tech, so I thought, well this might be a nice little treat when I'm craving something know, occasionally. Nope! I got the box home, and ate the ENTIRE THING within 24 hours. I am not kidding. I also went through a whole gallon of milk with it, which makes me feel marginally less guilty about all the sugar.

Ally Grace is totally going to come out with a little leprechaun outfit on, I know it.

Other pregnancy milestones this week:

1. It's getting MUCH more difficult to bend over and put my shoes on.....and I can't even imagine how it will be accomplished at all two months from now.

2. Went to spin class, and realized that my thighs now hit my belly when I peddle....fantastic.

3. Learned from my doctor that the lovely ache under my ribs is just my ribcage being pulled outward, as my ab muscles stretch out. Good times! I now take Tylenol AND Pepcid every night.

4. And the best one....she is becoming QUITE the little dancer/kickboxer/who the heck knows what she's doing in there! But I can actually see her movements now sometimes, which is so totally amazing. I love it! Although, I feel like the minute I try to show John, my mom, or anyone else who happens to be around, Ally decides to be sassy and stop doing it. She's gonna be a little stinker for sure! : )

Enjoy your holiday weekend! And if you get bored, there's always Jenga....

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