Saturday, June 27, 2009

96 Days!

According to the slightly creepy floating baby widget, I only have 96 days to go before Ally Grace gets here! 96 DAYS! That feels like such a short amount of time, and we have a lot left to do. For example, unless Ally wants to sleep on top of a dresser (kidding, don't call DFACS!), or in her little "soothing center" (a gift from her awesome Aunt Steph), then we'd better get moving and get her a crib! Although the dresser IS seriously awesome, and was a great find at a junk store. Sanding and painting this took hours of slaving away in the hot garage on a 100 degree day for John.....because, that heat would've been dangerous for a pregnant girl! : ) So far, it's my favorite thing in her room, despite being the only thing in her room....what do you think?

And, anyway, who wouldn't love sleeping in a soothing center? Seriously, I'd do it in a heartbeat if I wasn't about 120lbs. past the weight limit.

Yesterday, my friend Jenny came over to help me arrange the bookshelves in my house. I know, this sounds like an easy thing to do, but trust takes some serious design talent. I mean, my idea of arranging would have been to throw all of my thousands of (mostly paperback) books up there and call it a day, but here's what Jenny came up with:

Awesome, right? She is super talented with interior design, and I am SO thankful that she took the time to help me.....I tried to offer her one of my many crystal bowls as a thank-you gift, but she wouldn't take it. Oh well, she loves fake greenery, so I'll just be sure to send her some of that instead!

Last night, John and I went to Veni Vidi Vici with our friends Rod and Kristin. We had a blast! I seriously think I consumed at least 5,000 calories, but I totally rocked the "I'm eating for two" excuse....the food was amazing! We took a ton of pictures, and had fun embarrassing John and Rod, who said we looked like tourists... but if I didn't take pictures, what would I post on the blog?? I almost started snapping photos with the waitress and various other random people, just to embarrass them more, but I refrained. Here are John and Rod, probably pretending they don't know us....

This was right after John told me to quit being a tourist....hmmm, doesn't look too upset, now does he?

Kristin and I, outside the restaurant....this dress is so comfy, and it's not even maternity! Love the stretchy, flowy styles out there!

Me and the boys, who were trying to look as pregnant as I am....v. sad when you are bigger than boys who are TRYING to look pregnant!

I think John told us to "look sexy." Okaaayyyyy.........clearly, I've had runway experience, because if this look doesn't say sexy, then I don't know what does!

We love our friends, and are truly trying to take advantage of this time before baby makes things a little more interesting! So, if you're doing something fun this summer, invite us! Did I mention we have 96 DAYS?

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Jenny said...

Your posts crack me up! I'm loving that you have a blog! ...oh, and I'll take all of the fake greenery you've got. :)