Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

With today being Father's Day, I thought a lot about what an amazing dad John is going to make! I can't wait to see him with Ally Grace, and I know their bond will be usually is between daddies and their little girls! I got him a little something from it is:

So true, Ally G, so true!

John and I are both HUGELY blessed to have amazing, godly fathers! We are super thankful for them, especially today. We've learned a lot about being good parents from both of them.

Here's a shot of me with my mom and dad this Christmas. They are really the best parents a girl could hope for!

And one of John and his dad....who is basically his 30-year older twin. Aren't they so handsome? : )

We hope we'll be able to be the kind of parents that we have been so blessed to have. We love you all!

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