Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So lately, I've been having a little work dilemma. 

Apparently, work-related blogging is all the rage these days, and so I should be updating my work blog on a regular basis, right?  Well, let's be honest, real-estate is not super cute or fun to write about.  I mean, how do you make mortgage rates, filing for homestead exemption, and tax credits sound exciting?  If my clients wanted to know about, say, raising a baby, while wearing sweatpants, and eating cupcakes (wow, did that make motherhood sound super glam or what?!), then I would be able to write (marginally) entertaining & informative blogs all day long.  Or once a week.  But still.

However.  That doesn't really help my buyers and sellers, nor does it help us pay our billz, (yes, I'm out for that) and put food on the table.  Or more accurately, buy me new clothes and decorate our house. Unfortunate.

I don't even really know why I'm writing about this, except that maybe someone has an idea they can share about either A) how to make real-estate blogging exciting, B) how you make your own work blog entertaining, or C) how I can turn blogging about AG, Twilight, and People magazine into something that gets me some new clients. (Unlikely).

Or D) how maybe I can turn this pointless post about nothing (see, I'm good at that!) into a shameless plug for my real estate blog.  Which should probably be named something a little more creative than Sherri's Real Estate Blog.

Let's go with D.

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Jessica said...

I like Option C. Maybe you can include AG, People, Edward, and Bella in a real estate blog post?

Bella [flipping through the latest 'People,' reading about Jen five years after Brad (who, let's face it, seems awfully dull now that we're all aware of Edward) while holding their shockingly adorable and super-advanced baby girl, who they have decided to rename 'Ally Grace,' because let's face it, everyone hates 'Renesmee']: Edward, I want to get a good rate on our mortgage.
Edward [in a seductive, low voice]: Mmmmm.
Bella: And I want to close in time to get the tax credit.
Edward [in a seductive, low voice]: Mmmmm.
Bella: And I need a really good Realtor to help me find my dream home.
Edward [perking up]: Oh, call Sherri!

Can I also say that my word verification is "nesse?!" Maybe the computer likes Nessie. I do not.