Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend in Pictures, Valentine's Day Edition

V-Day, 2010!  Woo hoo!  Here's our weekend, in pictures--because if I tried to do it in words it would end up taking 5 both read and write.  And I am nothing if not lazy respectful of your time.

Despite the inclement weather (don't you love that phrase? It makes me feel like a weatherman.), we decided to have some friends over to play Rock Band, which Jamey so graciously let us borrow for the weekend.  Can I just say that I either have a totally addictive personality, or Rock Band is just insanely fun, because we played until after midnight.

Don't hate, I know my rockstar pose is awesome. 

Yes, we are parents.  Ally Grace is either going to think we're really cool, or really embarrassing.  And I'm pretty confident that I know which one it'll be.

On Saturday, we went out in the snow to take AG's first snow pictures.
She's my little polar bear.

Girlfriend makes some NICE faces for the camera.

Please excuse my mile-long roots. What's that?  You had no idea I wasn't a natural blonde?
So sweet.

Later that day, John and I went out to celebrate Valentine's day....on the 13th.  Because we're rebels like that.
I'm SUCH a rebel that I dressed in red for the holiday.  'Cause rebels totally dress in holiday colors. All the time. Or not.

Apparently, I also morphed into Martha Stewart for an hour on Saturday, because I MADE a card for John.  I worked all kinds of scrapbooking magic.
Not only did it include construction paper, fabric, AND funky-edged scissor usage, the pieces were held together by a brad.  A brad, people.  Which I thought was just a boy's name, but apparently is so much more.

Finally, on Sunday, John and I received THE MOST FUN VALENTINE'S DAY PRESENT OF ALL TIME.  Well, maybe not of all time, but regardless, it was cool.

We found out earlier in the weekend that we won this Valentine's Day "Breakfast in Bed" gift basket from Haven & Valenza, two fabulous restaurants around the corner from our house.  I am about 97% sure that it's the only thing I've ever won in my life, so it literally could've been filled with straw and I would've been excited.  OH, but it wasn't......
The goodies just kept coming out of this thing.....

I may or may not have gained 10 pounds just by eating all of the Ghiradelli chocolates looking at it.

Why did John make ME hold up the coffee?
Oh, wait.

Happy ten years later Valentine's Day!


Our Family's Story... said...

These pics are SO CUTE:) We LOVE Rock Band! Let's ROCK together one better believe we've got the entire set up at the Smith House!!!

Rachel Cox said...

haha! Your recaps always crack me up! Too fun!

Hunter.L said...

this is so sweet hope ag is doing great u have a buetiful daughter:)!