Thursday, February 11, 2010


You know what's a really stellar food combination?  A Symphony bar and a strawberry marshmallow.  Hypothetically, I mean.  'Cause I promise I'm not eating that at 9:40 in the morning.  That would be gross, right? Yeah, definitely gross.  Or not.

Here's a list of my favorite things about today so far:
1.  It's almost Friday!
2. My girl was all smiles this morning, and I love, love, love snuggling with her after she wakes up!
3.  The best night of TV--The Office, Parks and Recreation, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and ahem, The Vampire Diaries.  Yes, I just admitted that I'm at least as mature as a 15 year old girl.
4.  Leftover chicken tortilla soup (which I made myself, thankyouverymuch), so no cooking tonight!

Okay, gotta go clean sticky marshmallow junk off my keyboard get some work done.  Happy Thursday!

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