Thursday, January 12, 2012


John calls me on his way to work this morning, and we have the following conversation:

John:  "Hey.  I just read your blog."

Me:  "Aw.  You're so sweet.  I thought only my mom and I read this blog.  Now I can officially up my readership to three people."

John:  "Yeah.  I thought it was really good."

Me:  "You did?! Which part?"

John: "All of it.  Except for the part where you made it sound like our daughter ate poop."

Me:   Well, we don't know that she didn't

John:  Of course she didn't!  She's a little angel.  She would NEVER do something gross like that.

Me:  Whatever, you know you probably ate your own boogers or worse as a child.  

John:  No way, but you totally did.

(See how mature our relationship is? I know.  We're a total inspiration.)

Sherri:  Of course I didn't!  I was a little angel.  I would NEVER have done something gross like that.

Oh wait.

Disclaimer:  I honestly cannot say with 100% certainty that AG ate her own poop.  (Although, as a person with at least some degree of common sense, I can look at the evidence and draw a logical conclusion.) I would like to think positive and believe that she didn't.  Just like I would like to believe that a brand-new Mac computer would just show up on my doorstep.  For free.  But, since I live in the real world (you know, the one where toddlers put everything in their mouths), AND since I have a tendency to be Debbie Downer-ish when it comes to things kids are capable of doing, I felt that a good google on the poop-eating subject would be beneficial.

I certainly didn't mean to imply that she definitely ate her own poop.

Except that I sort of did.

The end.

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Melanie said...

I LOVE your blog!!! I completely stalk it! :) Now, off to lust after those boots in the next post... :)