Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Recap

I think I'm hallucinating. Every few minutes, I am CERTAIN that I hear a phone ringing, even though my cell phone is right beside me (not ringing), and no one ever, EVER calls our house phone. Is there a way to blame hallucinations on pregnancy? I've managed to blame various other crazy behaviors on it, so I'm sure I can figure something out.

On the other hand, if you've actually been trying to call me this afternoon, I promise I'm not screening you. I would never, ever do that. Maybe. Unless I'm in the middle of something crucial. Like watching shows on my tivo that I'm at least 10 years too old to be watching.

Or eating an entire Symphony bar, like I'm doing right now.

Since I totally forgot to take my camera with me over Labor Day weekend, I have absolutely no fun pictures to show you. Usually, I steal photos from my friends when I've been too lazy to take any, but sadly, I don't think anyone took a single picture over the weekend. Which is actually fine with me, since I'm far past the "cute" pregnancy stage, and firmly into the "Horrifyingly Puffy/ Wouldn't be Caught Dead in a Bathing Suit or Shorts" stage.

I'm not feeling super creative at the moment, so here's my Labor Day weekend recap in list form....because, y'all, I LOVE a good list.

1. Got punched in the stomach by a little kid. Who was in desperate need of a spanking.

2. Almost watched John administer that spanking.....except that other parents don't take too kindly to their kids getting spanked by strangers.

3. Found the same little kid (plus a few tiny cohorts) going through my purse, wearing my lip gloss, pulling underwear out of my suitcase, etc. (Don't ask).

4. Realized that I had the most well-behaved child up at the lake this weekend....and resolved to enjoy that while it lasts. Or at least until she starts going through my purse and stealing my lip gloss.

5. Learned that a lyger is a real animal, and not just bred for it's exceptional skills in magic.

6. Installed our car seat! (Actually John installed it, so that it would be done correctly......you already know about me and instruction manuals.)

7. Mostly, kinda, almost, packed my hospital bag. (At least I made a little progress).

8. Tried to go to 3 different Chick Fil A's for college team logo=free chicken sandwich day....sadly, they were all CLOSED. V. sad.

9. Instead, decided to be super healthy and eat at Wendy's for dinner.

10. Came home and got an awesome foot rub from my even more awesome husband. Who likes to remind me that other husbands don't give foot rubs as freely as he does. And I absolutely believe this to be true.

That's it.....pretty exciting, even without the pictures, right? I did actually have some Braxton Hicks contractions while we were up at the lake....in the middle of the night. Then tried not to hyperventilate about having the baby somewhere other than Northside. I woke John up so that he could exhibit the appropriate amount of husbandly concern, and his response? "Those aren't contractions........your stomach probably just hurts because you don't have your stomach pillow to sleep with." OH, so THAT'S what that was! I feel so much better now, after that super medically sound explanation.


Beloved said...

You made me laugh out loud with that last story - John wasn't too sympathetic, was he? Hang in there, girl! :)

carolineo said...

Love your recap and I LOVE a list too! And reading this reminded me of why I am not opposed to a good child "spankin"- as we at the Thompson house would say growning up. And just be thankful that John said actual words when you woke him up- that is more than the usual "mmmmwhababemmmmnpfpgh" that I get :)

Brooke said...

I think you forgot to mention that the little "terrorists" chewed all your gum too! We must be sure to hide all belongings and lock all doors next time!