Tuesday, September 29, 2009

39 Weeks, Nursery Update, and Nostril Fun

Yesterday, I had my 39 week appointment.....holy cow, I can't even believe I am here already! John got to come with me for what is (hopefully) my last appointment. And yes, he re-enacted the "q-tips in the nostrils" moment while we waited for the midwife to see us. We considered having John dress up in the gown and get on the table as a joke, but I decided that it might not be a good move to annoy someone (yet!) who could potentially be delivering my baby in a few days.

Clearly, we are super-mature and ready to be parents.

According to the midwife, nothing much has changed with my labor status.....as in, I'm not actually IN labor yet. Apparently, I am now measuring at 34 weeks, when I am actually 39.5 weeks......SO, guess who got another ultrasound?! Fine with me, I love seeing the little monster!

She was just relaxing in there, sucking her thumb again. And if the ultrasound tech is right, she's got some chubby cheeks going on!

Perfect, we'll match.

This weekend, John and I went on dates and just relaxed.....we decided that since it could be our last weekend as just the two of us, we would make it all about what WE wanted to do. We stayed up late, slept in, ate out, watched GA football, and went on walks....it was pretty much perfect! And as much as this will make some of you throw up in your mouth just a little, John is my favorite person on the planet, so I literally never get tired of him.....

I mean, how could you get tired of THIS?

Probably my favorite part of the weekend was going to the restaurant where we had our first date (South City Kitchen), for what might have been our last pre-baby date.....it's one of our favorites, and we've celebrated some special events there, so it was definitely fitting.

Here we are, all dressed up and ready to go to South City. These days, I am choosing loose clothing over something tight every time!

(I mean, at least I managed to get out of my sweatpants for a few hours, right?)

So, a quick nursery update: it's FINISHED! Totally ready for AG to move in....huge relief! Here are some final photos of the nursery....enjoy!

What do you think? Will she like it? Who knows, by my next post, she might be living here!
Cross your fingers!


The Janacek's said...

I have been following you for the past months or so thru your pregnancy and I just wanted to send warm wishes your way and pray that you will go thru a very easy delivery and AG will be very healthy! Good luck and best wishes to you and your hubbs!


Brooke said...

The nursery looks amazing! She will love it! It is so unique. Very well done! And you look amazing too! Even in your sweatpants! Don't think twice about wearing them to small group Monday (if AG's still cozy in your womb!)