Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweatpants & Pregnancy Memories

It's basically an impossibility for me to be in my house at this point without having my sweatpants on. I feel irritated every time I have to actually get dressed in clothes that are remotely fitted, and pretty much run screaming to my closet for my sweatpants the minute I am back home.

I mean, I've always loved my sweats, but nowI have a totally irrational need to be wearing them at all times. And by all times, I mean, wearing them even in public places like my small group. Which I actually did last night....sorry, girls!

I think it has something to do with the fact that I just feel HUGE and uncomfortable 99.9% of the time. Don't be surprised if you see my sweatpants at the grocery store, at church, on a date....I am a straight up What Not To Wear case at this point.

Also, I realized today that I feel more tired than I literally ever have in my life. What's up with that?

Anyway, my friend Caroline did a blog post awhile back about her pregnancy memories, and I loved the idea! Since this pregnancy is in it's last days, AND since I am a shameless copycat, I wanted to document my own pregnancy memories. Here goes:

1. Taking my first pregnancy test, thinking I definitely wasn’t pregnant, finding a VERY faint 2nd line….

2. Quickly pulling out a spare test for round 2……is that really a 2nd line, or am I hallucinating?

3. Giving up my plans for a dramatic way of telling John, in favor of the “OMG, is this really a 2nd line?” approach.

4. Buying 6 more tests at Kroger, just to be SURE.

5. Telling our parents that they were going to be grandparents, and hearing the excitement and joy in their voices.

6. Sharing the good news with our best friends around 6 weeks…..(I’ve never been that great at keeping secrets, so there was no way we could wait til 12 weeks).

7. The YouTube video we did (thanks for helping Rod and Kristin) to announce to our small group....here's a photo of me with Kristin from that night.

8. Feeling super excited (and a little triumphant) that I didn’t have morning sickness at all….

9. Waking up on the first day of my seventh week with raging nausea that didn’t leave until around 14-15 weeks. UGH.

10. Calling Ally Grace my Little Monster the entire first trimester. Then, being reprimanded by my mom for calling her grandbaby a monster!

11. Existing on crackers, mashed potatoes, ramen noodles, French fries, and toast until I regained my appetite for anything non-carb.

12. Not even being able to THINK about salad or chicken until at least 14 weeks.

13. That SMELL in our fridge and freezer that no one else could smell but me…..horrible! Screaming irrationally at John to SHUT THE DOOR the moment he opened either one.

14. My sweet friend Juliane bringing me lime sherbert, because it helped her during her own morning sickness.

15. Our first ultrasound, where we saw the little bean, and her little heartbeat…..tears in both of our eyes.

16. Our Valentine’s day date, at a nice Italian restaurant in midtown, where I drank ginger ale & ate John’s dinner, b/c the moment mine came out, I couldn’t even look at it anymore.

17. Somehow starting to hate coffee, despite a long-standing love of my morning coffee, all things Starbucks, etc….trying to replace it with hot tea. Not the same, SO not the same.

18. Realizing at the beginning of the 2nd trimester, that I was starting to feel better!

19. Realizing at the beginning of the 2nd trimester that I was starting to get fatter…..

20. Our 3D ultrasound at 14 weeks, where we found out that we were having a GIRL!

21. The way we both instantly knew we never wanted anything else.

22. Moving into our new house, right around 20 weeks……not being allowed to lift anything heavier than a toothpick the whole time.

23. First mother’s day! John gave me the ever-romantic gift of a heart-rate monitor. Which I actually LOVE, and use every time I workout.

24. Babymoon to Naples, FL……first experience in a tankini. We had a fabulous time!

25. Feeling the baby move, but not being totally SURE that’s what it was….

26. The first time John felt the baby move, while we were riding to the airport.

27. The first time we SAW her move. Amazing.

28. 4th of July 5k at Lake Rabun…..Ally Grace’s first road race!

29. Fun hospital tour w/ Kyle and Caroline

30. Baby Essentials class and “the burper”

31. Fabulous baby showers given by such sweet friends……Ally Grace is already so blessed to have so many people who care about her.

32. The looks I get from people in spin class….a mixture of fear (please don’t have your baby on the spin bike) and disbelief (are you sure you should be doing that?!)

33. Literally feeling jealous of any runners that I see out on the streets these days.

34. Great conversations with new mommy friends, who have reassured me that even though my life is about to change drastically, it will be the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

35. Thinking I can’t possibly get any bigger…..and then I do.

36. Total strangers being nicer to me than I’ve ever imagined. Also, total strangers touching my belly….creepier than I ever imagined.

37. Psycho cravings for apple juice, lucky charms, candy corn, and chocolate milk……I know you’ve all enjoyed hearing about those, right?

38. Organizing the nursery with my sweet mom…..thank you for helping me wash ALL of those baby clothes!

39. These last weeks of waiting, and trying to enjoy a little downtime before AG arrives. Never my strong suit, but I hear that it’s the last downtime I’ll enjoy for, oh, about 18 years. So I'm thinking I'd better make the most of it.

40. The last few weeks with John, trying to soak up every single minute of "just the two of us" time, before we become "the 3 of us." I've loved every second.

Wow, if you're still reading, I'm impressed. That was a long list, and I didn't even touch on the Ritz crackers in the middle of the night, throat burping, or crazy crying episodes for no reason. I think I covered most of it though.

At least I'll remember what pregnancy was REALLY like, should I ever get the crazy urge to do this all over again.


Jessica said...

Trying again to post. I read the whole list and I loved it! I can't believe it's almost over (almost beginning?) already! I am SOOO excited for you guys and can't wait to meet Ally Grace!

carolineo said...

I LOVE your list! Every pregnancy "list" is so fun and unique, yet reassuringly similar :) And wear those sweats with pride. If Clinton Kelly tried to give either of us advice right now I would punch him in the face. I mean, I love the guy but dont go there, girlfriend. You know what I mean?

whitney said...

Hey there! I had no idea you had a blog until I happened upon it from Kriti's...how fun! So excited for you and I loved the list. Hang in there, it will be sooo worth it when you see her sweet face :)

Much love,

kristymasterson said...

oh the throat burping. russ thought i was lying the whole time with just an excuse to burp without saying excuse me.