Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Things

Today on Beth Moore's blog, she did a post  titled 10 Things You Might Not Know....the idea was to leave a comment with ten little-known facts about yourself. Since I am apparently an over-sharer, not to mention, a freakish list-lover, this was right up my alley. Then, I thought--hey, maybe my two friends who read this would do the same on MY blog? THEN I thought, this is perfect, because I have nothing else exciting to write about. And finally, I thought, why the heck am I blogging while AG is actually taking a nap? I should turn into the mommy-tornado and clean my house now, instead of making people read random facts about me that they very likely do not want to know.

Clearly, you can see which urge won out.

1. I hate beans of all shapes, sizes, and kind.
2. I have a sick aversion/weird fascination with snotty boogers.
3. I am a speed-reader. I can seriously read an entire book in less than 3 hours (if I HAVE three hours to read, which is unlikely. And if it's not the Bible. That would probably take a bit longer, like maybe 4 hours).
4. I love stainless steel wipes a little too much. I may or may not follow behind John in the kitchen, wiping his fingerprints off our appliances every time he uses one. He may or may not find this annoying.
5. I love the smell of new leather.
6. My favorite book of all time is Little Women.
7. I hate flying.
8. But I LOVE traveling.
9. I am totally addicted to anything of the marshmallow variety.
10. Sometimes when people are talking to me, I am typing their words on an imaginary keyboard.

Which may or may not be something I should never admit outloud.

What about you? Be brave and tell me your 10 things!


Jenny said...

After reading number 9, I've decided to only speak to you with big words. If you can keep up with the typing, perhaps you will be rewarded with marshmallows or stainless steel wipes.

Jenny said...

...and you fixed your now I mean #10.

Whitney Conner said...

Sherri, I have really enjoyed your blog and actually started my own! Even though mine is definitely not as cool! Here is my list!

1. I read only nonfiction books.

2. I plan to find a job and move straight to the beach after graduating college to live the rest of my life/raise my kids.

3. I am left-handed and often refer to myself as David Green- not that I am a football player or anything...

4. I change my major everyday, but it seems to always go back to Public Relations.

5. I have a torn acl from playing tennis... in January, but haven't had surgery.

6. I eat eggs every day.

7. I have been told by multiple people I need to write a Memoir of my life, and am seriously considering it.

8. Since age 5 I have always wanted to know the name of the guy I will someday marry. (Weird, I know!)

9. I L-O-V-E yoga but hardly ever do it since my favorite practice comes on the Oxygen channel at 6 AM and I find it impossible to get out of bed that early- and no, I don't have tivo- gasp. :)

10. When I like a song I listen to it on repeat until I cannot stand it (usually takes a couple of weeks), then listen to it like a normal person after not hearing it for a month or so.

Kim said...

Hi! I found your comment on the LPM blog and just cracked up when I read #10 because I do the same thing! I catch myself all the time haha! You are not alone! :)

Melanie said...

Hello! I read your list at the LPM blog and I was laughing hysterically at the wipes comment. I think I have the same obsession! That is so funny. LOVE your blog! I'm just getting into blogging, so if you have time to stop by, I'd love your feedback.

Have a wonderful day & keep up the great work!
~ ~

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved Beths post and stayed up half the night reading it..Love your list..

Kiera said...

love #10...made me laugh out loud...
here is my list...

carolineo said...

Since I always post random junk about me on my blog- Im going to respond to YOUR 10 comments:
1)Good to know about the bean aversion- will never make you a 6 bean soup.
3)I share this same "talent"- maybe we should start a speed reading book club?
4)I need some of these... wait, our kitchen is from 1981.
5)You are kind of a big deal- your office smells of rich mahogony and leather bound books.
6)You are a little woman.
7)ME TOO!!!
8)Do I smell a couples trip brewing?
9)So you love Easter for the peeps too?! I mean, Jesus- totally, Jesus.
10)Im just impressed that you can type as much as I can talk :)

Jessica said...

Ahh have we ever discussed Little Women before? That has been my favorite book of all time since middle school! Loooove it. Pretty sure I could write one of those "Everything I need to know about life I learned from..." posters based solely on LW.