Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacation & More

So many things in my mind, so little time.  Proceeding with the least planned out blog post in the history of this blog. 

Which is really saying something.

So, we're back from St. Pete!  And the plane didn't crash!  The oxygen masks didn't deploy!  And I managed to stay calm. This may or may not have been because of a little medical wonder called Xanax.  Thank you, Mr. Xanax Inventor.  I (and my fellow passengers, not to mention my husband) appreciate you.

John is the ultimate face of calm even in the midst of my most annoying serious questions.  Which include:

"What's that noise?"

"What happens if both engines go out?"

"How do you KNOW that birds won't take out the engines?"

"Can turbulence crash the plane?"

"Tell me again how a water landing works?"

"Tell me about the spa treatments I can have if we make it through this alive."  (He, very unfortunately, did not fall for that one.  I was THIS. CLOSE.)

Even though I have flown many, many times, and didn't even develop this little phobia until about 5 years ago, I always seem to have the same fears.  And John always patiently reminds me that, no turbulence cannot crash the plane, and it's just the same as riding down a bumpy road in the car.  To which I always sweetly say, "But honey, my car isn't usually THIRTY THOUSAND FEET IN THE AIR!!!!" 

However.  We survived.  As usual. 

Our little vacation was so fun!  Even though I reminded God that I only had 2 days to lay out, and could He please make it sunny, it rained the entire time.  Which actually ended up being amazing, b/c it gave me an excuse to lay in the bed, watch New Moon for the third time again, and paint my toenails.  And read magazines. And not get spit-up on for 3 days straight. 

It. Was. Fabulous.

Here's John, looking super sexy on the airport tram.

Here's me, looking a little blurry, and awfully doped up on Xanax relieved to still be alive.

Here we are, on our way to eat the BEST curry I have ever had in my life....

....which I thought you needed to see.  (And yes, it's daytime, which means that we not only had it for dinner, we also went back for lunch.  And yes, I may or may not be wearing the exact same thing I had on in the other picture.  Don't judge.)

Thursday night, we had dinner with some friends who moved to Clearwater last year, and Friday night, at their suggestion, went to this French place down the road from the hotel. There was so much food involved that it was c-razy, and I might have possibly needed a flatbed to haul me back to the hotel. 

This is us, on our way to dinner.  I don't want to remember what we looked like after dinner.
(By the way, do you not love our stellar photo composition?  I'll be glad to give a tutorial sometime on how to leave lots of blank space AND dirty shirts in the photo background.  It's a skill, really.)

In fact, it was SUCH an authentic French restaurant, that we couldn't understand one single word our waitress said.  Which unfortunately means that I can't give you any food descriptions (sorry, Jenny), because I'm unsure exactly what I ate. 

Although I don't think it involved snails or anything like that.  I hope.

Saturday, we came home to our little bambina.  I was literally beyond excited to see my girl!  She gets more precious every day.  Except between 6:30 and 7:30 at night, when she turns into a gremlin baby. 

Kidding, kidding...mostly.

Here's our little Presh, in a decidely non-gremlin mood. She loves her new exersaucer!

This week has been another crazy work week, although I've managed to make time for the really important things, like reading blogs, catching up on 16 & Pregnant, and watching the 20/20 Bachelor special: Inside the Rose.  Which I am fairly positive was even more entertaining than the actual Bachelor finale.  I mean, who knew that Bob was king of the hook-ups?  Or that Reid was their top choice for this season of the Bachelor?  (Besides me, because I totally called it last season).   Or that Ali was the ultimate drama queen, thus firmly cementing her status as the next Bachelorette?  (Again, besides me, and probably the rest of America too).

Did anyone else watch?  Thoughts, please.

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